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The ultimate diptych, triptych & ntych automation tool for Photoshop

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Tych Panel

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What is Tych Panel

Tych Panel is an extension for Adobe Photoshop that automates the process laying out pictures side by side. It makes it easy to create diptychs, triptychs, quadtychs and a virtually unlimited set of custom layouts.

In other words, it’s time to throw out your old dirty templates and give Tych Panel a whirl.

It’s dead simple.

More layouts with new compositing paradigm

The new revamped compositing algorithm in Tych Panel 2 let’s you add rows or columns of pictures to the document, allowing more layouts to be created than ever before.

In fact, the new paradigm renders the old layout presets redundant, which is why they have been replaced by the Top, Bottom, Left and Right buttons.


Non-destructive editing with Smart objects & Layer masks

In Tych Panel 2, you can re-crop your pictures after they have been laid out by, giving you total control of the final result. Just enable Smart objects in the options and all layers will be converted to Smart objects and get the appropriate Layer masks automatically.

For bloggers: Maintain width / height + custom color

If you are a blogger you probably want to make your pictures a specific width or height. In Tych Panel 2, you can make sure your resulting picture stays the width or height you want, no matter how many pictures you add to the composit.

And don’t worry, the new compositing algorithm will make sure that your edges remain nice and crisp even after resizing.

You can also set the background color to match your blog directly in Tych Panel.

To see some examples of what’s possible with Tych Panel 2, check out the gallery.

Why Tych Panel?

Beacuse Tych Panel 2 is the fastest way to create diptychs in Photoshop.

Plus. It’s super-easy to use.

It's fun.

And oh, did I mention that it’s free?

Animated gif demostrating Tych Panel concept

Free & open source

Tych Panel is released under the MIT license and is hosted at GitHub.

The old Tych Panel web page is available here.


  1. Unzip the archive
  2. In Photoshop, goto File > Scripts > Browse...
  3. Browse to the newly uncompressed folder. Select the installer.jsx that corresponds to your Photoshop version.
  4. Restart Photoshop.
  5. Show the panel by going to Window / Extensions / Tych Panel in Photoshop.

Important The Bridge integration script is not installed with the installation script. You need to copy the script to the right place manually. See readme.txt in the download package.

Info Please note that on some Windows computers, you may have to run Adobe Photoshop via Run as administrator (here's a video on how to do that).


1. Create a row or column by pressing the Top, Bottom, Left or Right button.

2. If you have enabled the reorder dialog, set the order of the images.

3. Repeat as desired.


If you are having trouble installing Tych Panel with Adobe Extension Manager you can install manually using the following method.

Important These instructions are intended for Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC. For Photoshop CC 2014 or later use the installer script.

  1. Rename tychpanel_cs.zxp to

  2. Uncompress

  3. Copy the Tych Panel directory (found in the newly uncompressed directory named scripts) to <photoshop directory>/Presets/Scripts.

  4. Copy the Tych Panel directory in panels/<CS version> to <photoshop directory>/Plug-ins/Panels.

  5. (Optional) To enable the Bridge integration, copy the file scripts/Tych Panel.jsx to the Bridge Startup scripts directory.

    Mac OS X:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge [version]/Startup Scripts/

    ~\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge [version]\Startup Scripts\

  6. Run Photoshop and show the panel by going to Window/Extensions/Tych Panel.

CS4: I have installed Tych Panel correctly but it still doesn't work.

Important Tych Panel is for CS5 or later. The Panel UI will not work in CS4 although the scripts *might* work (unconfirmed). In either case, I won't answer questions regarding CS4 so you are on your own here.

Info Some people are reporting that their anti-virus software is changing the zxp package into a zip file, preventing Adobe Extension Manager to install it. The anti-virus software might do this because zxp files are actually just ordinary zip files renamed to .zxp and it may think it's suspicious that it has been renamed.

The solution is simply to rename the file back to it's original extension, e.g. tychpanel.zxp.

If you are experiencing other problems, please ask a question on Formspring and I will do my best to answer. Hopefully I will be able to help you out. However, please read the previous answers before asking a new question.

Reporting bugs

If you find a bug, please report it by contacting me an email or by creating an issue on GitHub's issue tracker.

When reporting bugs, please supply the information needed to reproduce the problem. Otherwise I might not be able to resolve your issue.

About the author

I am a Swedish wedding photographer working at Lumens Bröllopsfotografi. One day, I realized that the world of photographers was missing a good tool for creating diptychs. So I set out to create what I thought was missing. And here it is.

I hope you like it.

For the latest updates, please follow me on Twitter or sign up on the email list.

Tych Panel was not made overnight. In fact, I’ve spent countless late nights working to make Tych Panel what it is today. So if you find this plugin useful, please consider donating a dollar or two.

I would also appreciate if you share the link with your fellow photographers.

Growing a user base helps me stay passionate about this project.

Awesome backers

I'm lucky to have received numerous donations from a bunch of awesome people. As an additional thank you, I've put you on this list (in no particular order).

  • Sara Pearcy (website)
  • Dan McColl (website)
  • Duoh! n.v. (website)
  • Ian Albinson (website)
  • Philipp Kübler (website)
  • Kimberly Salem Photography (website)
  • Srinivas Medepalli
  • Angela Lumsden (website)
  • Raymond Kerrin Larum (website)
  • Tony Hazell (website)
  • Sallie Carothers
  • Tim Carr (website)
  • Christer Hedberg (website)
  • (website)
  • Elin Vinger Elliot (website)
  • Jane Haglund (website)
  • Claudia Schramm-Pose (website)
  • Andy Stenz (website)
  • Adam Lee (website)
  • Peter Löfqvist (website)
  • Hope & Joy (website)
  • Diane Hu (website)
  • Earl Douglas (website)
  • Sunira Photography (website)
  • Poe Hwang
  • Neil Alexander Photography (website)
  • Barbara Lassa (website)
  • Fotograf Stig Albansson (website)
  • Arianna Trapani (website)
  • Tomas Gillberg (website)
  • Nabeel Khan (website)
  • Frank McKenna (website)
  • Melanie Leighton (website)
  • Jon Hillenbrand (website)
  • Corina Schurmann (website)
  • Arthur Pepper Music Corporation
  • Ivan Ivanov
  • Online Independent Herbalife Distributors
  • Joshua Libatique
  • Tan Ken Hwee
  • Niccolò Di Gregorio
  • plaNET eARTh
  • Erik Esparza
  • Rainer Holsten
  • Joseph Reinhardt
  • Vanessa Tirey
  • La Predera B&B
  • Sallie Carothers (website)
  • Oskar Allerby (website)
  • Malin Tvedt (website)
  • Simon Burgess (website)
  • Joel Gambord
  • Justin Krug (website)
  • Melissa Golden Photography (website)
  • Jonas Karlsson (website)
  • Catherine Kingston
  • Michael Fisher
  • Angela Calvert
  • Carissa Bousfield
  • Paul Civati
  • Brian McEntire (website)
  • VignotoPhoto (website)
  • Roy Mateer (website)
  • William Hatfield
  • Saran Maitreewech
  • Dieter Kurz
  • Lisa Clark
  • Charles McNoldy
  • Claire Hawkins (website)
  • Tricia Hartmann
  • Petra Hall (website)
  • Gintaras Morkunas
  • John Bernasconi (website)
  • Blake Crosby (website)
  • Kartik Jayaraman
  • YiuKuen Yuen
  • Amy Cooper
  • Maik Kleinert
  • Juan Fco Mallo Perona
  • Jennifer Reynolds (website)
  • Denise Carlin
  • Michael Stendahl
  • Christian Skilbeck
  • Envision 3 Studios Agency
  • John Young
  • Diego Guadarrama Garza
  • Fabian Bojé (website)
  • Daria Rekke
  • Indira Dechesne
  • Oetra Urbankova
  • Kristina Oberling
  • Johannes Martinsson (website)
  • Rafael Sanchez (website)
  • Laura Bautista Lopez


  • Fixed bug in installation script preventing installation on CC 2017.
  • Installation script now gives better error messages (hopefully).
  • Added drag & drop support. Just drag pictures to the buttons in the panels.
  • Photoshop CC 2015 compatibility fixes.
  • Fixed incorrect paths in Bridge script.
  • Added installation script for installing without Extension Manager.
  • Photoshop CC 2015 compatibility fixes.
  • Included missing thumbnail placeholder image.
  • Fixed broken 'Use selected images in Adobe Bridge'.
  • Fixed issue with Bridge startup script adding menu elements multiple times.
  • Fixed issue with large images.
  • Ported panel to html5 panel (Flash panels were discontinued in Photoshop CC 2014).
  • Added color theme support.
  • Adapted for retina displays.
  • Fixed flatten bug.
  • Fixed revert units bug.
  • Fixed bug which caused documents being closed when autosave=false.
  • Tych Panel ProTools support.
  • Keep transparency when flattening documents.
  • Fixed bug when specifying the same image twice or more from the command line.
  • Prevent reorder window from appearing when with only one image from command line.
  • Fixed issue with reorder window not appearing when called from command line.
  • Fixed bug with long filenames. Names with more than 255 characters will be truncated.
  • Alert the user when trying to save to an invalid directory.
  • Use the correct icon on new row button.
  • Changed theming of CS6 panel to match the default (dark) theme of PS CS6.
  • Added icon.
  • CS6 support (no color themes yet).
  • Fixes a bug that breaks Tych Panel in non-English Photoshop installs.
  • Reorder images with thumbnails.
  • New impoved row/column paradigm that allows virtually unlimited number of layouts.
  • Rows & columns can be attached on either side of your document.
  • Resize to both target width & height.
  • Maintain width or height when adding new rows & columns.
  • Convert images to smart objects.
  • Ability to use layer masks instead of cropping images.
  • Run Tych Panel on selected images in Adobe Bridge.
  • Added option to use selected images in Adobe Bridge as input
  • Save as PSD.
  • Background color option.
  • Support for images with layers (via Flatten Image)
  • Outer border width and color options.
  • Rounded corners on each image.
  • Rounded corners on outermost images.
  • Added option to save each individual layer.
  • Smarter file naming so that allows the resulting file name to derive from input files.
  • Save as PNG.
  • Apply an arbitrary number of actions.
  • Decide when to apply actions - before laying out pictures, or after.
  • Removed workaround for panel background color. If the color doesn't match in PS, you should update your Photoshop.
  • Fixed triptych bug that made seams the wrong size and the background to not be filled.
  • Fixed nasty bug which made the script ignore that the resizing option was disabled.
  • Preload button images; hopefully fixing problem with button state images not showing all the time.
  • Fixed rounding error issue on some of the layouts (diptych 1 and 2 and quaptych grid) giving seams that were slightly off.
  • Fixed compositing bug with already opened document.
  • Fixed unit bug where current unit in Photoshop was used rather than pixels, leading to images being resized using the wrong unit.
  • Files into Stack" which acted a bit buggy when called from a html link.
  • Fixed 'Close on save' bug.
  • Changed to button layout to be centered and added a little top margin.

Comments (450)

  • Jpanda says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful extension.
    I've been using the first version and have been enjoying it quite thoroughly!
    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  • Rolando Prendergast says

    I have been a designer for over 8 years and this is an amazing find. Thank you and keep up the awesome work.

  • Josh says

    You are amazing. I've been happily using Tych Panel 1 for blogging and have been perfectly happy with it's operation and ease of use. You've innovated great things for a product that in my opinion was already perfectly usable! Terrific new features and great release, and I'll happily be donating to your continued projects and success. That you release such a great product for free is wonderful too!

    All the best.

    P.S. You can see Tych Panel 1 in use on and I can't wait to feature Tych Panel 2 on the next post!

  • Marcus Ward says

    I would love this as a wordpress plugin...any ideas?

  • Pinto says

    Bu the video it's looking like a great tool but i have an error message when try to install with extension manager:

    i have try to install it manually also but with no luck :-(

    Please your advice,

  • Otto Rascon says

    Thank you so much for this amazing plugin. This will help out with my blogging images. You rock!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Pinto, I have sent you an email!

  • Pinto says

    Reimund Trost Thanks a lot !

  • Randy says

    Looking forward to playing around with the updated version. Tried to install it in the new Photoshop CS6 and received the following error message: "The destination '$userscripts:tychpanel.jsx:' contains an invalid token. The extension will not be installed".

    Also, you have some spam in your comments! Aside from Askismet, I find the "Cookies for Comments" plugin to work quite effectively in eliminating spam bots.

    All the best! Thanks!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Randy, I have updated the troubleshooting guide with how to manually install the bridge script (which is the one that fails for you). I still haven't figured out why it's happening in the first place though. May I ask what OS and PS version you are using?

    And yeah, it sure is about time I do something about the spam.

  • Jay says

    Thank you so much for this extension. Really useful tool.

  • weri says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful extension.

  • Bianca says

    Hi I tried installing this on CS5 and I get an error message on Extension manager stating that I dont have the "permission" to install :-O What does that mean and how do I go about the installation now?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Bianca, please read the installation notes and check for the video link. It should all be there.

  • Cmile says

    I would appreciate if you could help me, I have an error message when try to install with extension manager.

  • Ryan says

    Thank you for this Reimund. I installed this on Cs5 for Windows 64-bit but when I open the Tych Panle extension in Photoshop, it is just a gray box with nothing in it. Any suggestions? I checked the Plug-in and Script folders and all files seem to be there.

  • mateo says

    thanks 4 awesome plugin

    i've created something like this:

  • Reimund Trost says

    Cmile, Ryan and Mateo, you got mail!

  • Ron Greene, Ph.D. says

    I believe you've created a very useful plugin, but your video and instructions are far to fast and incomplete for the average person.

  • Marco says

    Will your software work with Photoshop Elements 10

  • Reimund Trost says

    Marco, unfortunately, no.

  • Nuff says

    Yes. Please.

    This is really awesome. Many thanks.

  • Luca says

    I believe you've created a very useful plugin, but the image you use as background on the video could be better.

    Just kidding! ;-)

    I'm always surprised on some people behaviour (Ron Greene, nothing personal): no matter how useful your work could be. For them there is always something wrong.

    By my side thank you very much for this amazing tool, Raymond. Keep it up! ;-)

  • Romain Kedochim says

    You rock! Simply perfect!

    I'll make sure to tweet and share it as many times as I can. You saved me countless hours or resizing and fitting images together! Hands up the best extension I found on the web for photoshop, and fre e! Thanks a million!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Erik, a few users seem to experience a bug where the buttons in the panel don't work. The scripts work fine if you run them via the File / Scripts menu. But they won't execute from the panel. I am looking into this issue and I hope to find a solution soon.

    In the meantime, I suggest you set up shortcuts for the different scripts.

    Hope that helps.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Btw. All you guys who write supportive comments.
    It's really appreciated. Thank you!

  • Erik says

    Thank you very much!

  • Zay says

    It would be nice if it can be used in earlier versions of photoshop.

  • Yoosuf says


  • Olive White says

    Just tried it, works fine on PS CS5 (v12.0.1 32bits. Amazing and really useful, thank you so much ;)

  • Umar says

    looks very nice, i downloaded and installed but not working .. no idea why .. anyone with same issue?

  • Ping Photography says

    Thank you soo much!!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Umar, did you try the manual installation steps? Also please read the Troubleshooting part.

    Some users are reporting that the buttons in the panel won't work (the scripts can still be run from File/Scripts). This is an Adobe issue and I have no idea what causes it. If you have this bug, please report it to Adobe as it is something they must fix. The more users that report it, the faster they will fix it.

  • Adam J. Howard says

    Awesome. Thank you so much.

    With a back ground in graphic design, I may or may not have gotten into the long, tedious habit of making these, myself.

  • Adam says

    Great work. Thanks for sharing!

  • David Darke says

    Great work! Thanks for this!

  • Umar says

    @Reimund Trost .. i also tried from File > Scripts but got this error "Error 2: DropDownList is undefined, Line: 950 -> = function(text)" and i have no idea what is this all about .. anyone here with same issue?

  • gary little says

    could not install. extension manager said 'invalid token...."

  • Dave says

    Hi I tried to install the program, but i received a $userscripts:tychpanel.jsx" error. It appears there was an invalid token...

    Any idea of how I can get tech panel installed???

  • WASIO - Chicago Wedding Photographer says

    Fantastic tool! thanks so much! I think this will become very quickly my favorite blog tool:)

  • Chris Raymond says

    Thank you for this extension. It will make it SO much easier to make composite images of my portfolio projects.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Umar, you got mail.

    Dave and Gary, I'm not sure what causes that error I'm afraid. But you should try the manual installation method as described in

  • tals says

    This looks like an awesome tool but unfortunately I'm having trouble installing it.
    I'm getting an error message saying the installer is invalid.
    I would really appreciateyour help. :)
    Thanks a lot!

  • Design Kanya says

    Hi Reimund,
    Tried installing it on CS6 beta and then CS5, but could not get it to install.
    The error I get is.."The destination '$userscripts\tychpanel.jsx\' contains an invalid token. The extension will not be installed."

    Please help!


  • trick says

    Hi, works great and is so easy to use. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Kanya & Tals,

    CS6 is not really supported yet. I'm waiting on Adobe to fix a couple of things.

    Also the Token-thingie is probably a bug in Extension Manager. See the Troubleshooting section for manual installation steps.

  • tals says

    Hi Reimund,
    I'm using CS4 and yet can't seem to get it right. :(
    I'm getting an error message saying the installer is invalid.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Tals, CS4 is not supported. Please read the installation notes+troubleshooting.

    You can install the scripts by placing them in Presets/Scripts but the panel will not work.

  • Hemanth says

    Hi Reimund,

    Thanks for this awesome extension! Having been looking for such a thing for a long time! :)
    However, I have the same problem with the "image reorder". It's just a gray box with nothing in it. Please assist!


  • Reimund Trost says

    Hernanth, there seem to be a limit in how large images you can load with Photoshop scripts. This means that if you use very hi resolution pictures, the thumbnails won't show up. If you pick you images in Bridge however this problem will not happen since Bridge thumbnails will then be used.

    So far I have not found a solution to this problem and I suggest you use Bridge if you must work with pictures of this resolution directly.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Marbi, it should already be a zxp file. But maybe your browser or protection software renamed it to .zip. In that case you rename like any other file, giving it a "zxp" extension. If you are on Windows you might need to tell Explorer to show file extensions first.

  • Ian says

    Followed what @Cindy did and Tych Panel does appear in PS6. However, none of the buttons are working for me.

  • Reimund Trost says

    I'm waiting for Adobe to release Configurator 3, only then can I make a proper panel for CS6.

  • Allyson says

    I have cs4 and cannot get this to download. It keep saying must have photoshop 12. Am I really not able to use it with cs4?

  • Dennis says

    Thank you for providing the scripts. I have installed them with CS4 and can confirm that they will work using the "File/Scripts" menu options. This enables new column left, new column right, new row top and new row bottom. By judicious use of these individual scripts it is possible to design a multi-diptych, triptych, quadptych, and so on. For example add a new column left, add 3 photos. Add a new column left and add 2 photos. The scripts transform the photos to fit a rectangular canvas. Now add a new bottom or top row with 1 photo and this will be added and transformed to fit into a new rectangular canvas. The combinations appear to be endless. It is a lot less work and more versatile than designing your own templates. Excellent stuff!

  • Reimund Trost says


    You need to do a manual installation to get the scripts working in CS4. And if you read the text carefully, you will understand that the panel interface will not work in CS4.

    Dennis, if you find it tedious to go via the menu, you can set up shortcuts even for commands in the File/Scripts menu :) Glad you find it useful!

  • April says

    I have CS5 (Version 12.0 64 bit). When I try to install this, it tells me that it cannot install because I need Photoshop version 12.0 or higher. Is there something I am doing wrong?

  • Agie says

    Hello Rei, i got some trouble here. i already installed it manually, it goes fine until i tried to click "new rows" and "new column" it wont work! i already read your solution for this matter on your recent post, but can i have the detail please by email? i run it on CS5, with mac OS 10.6.8. thankyou

  • Agie says

    Sorry i frgt to tell that i already try to launch it via script, but when i try to run the script it comes like this :
    var called_from_bridge = false;
    $.evalFile(app.path + '/Presets/Scripts/Tych%20Panel/Tych%20Panel%20Only/tych.jsx');
    t.layout_and_composite(ROW, BOTTOM);

    file or folder does not exist.
    help me please..

  • Reimund Trost says

    Agie, it sounds like you have placed the files in the wrong locations. Make sure you've followed the manual installation steps correctly.

    April, I'm not sure what you get that message if you have PS CS5. I'd say do the manual installation instead (see Troubleshooting section).

  • aime hasan says

    Thanks reimund for the very useful script. Really love it

  • Agie says

    Dear Rei, thankyou very much for your answer, It works perfectly now! I loved it very much! :)

  • Jessica says

    Any chance this works in Elements 10?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Jessica, this will not work in any Elements version, unfortunately.

  • Mitari Enteh says

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for having created this wonderful tool :) :x :x

  • Koji Sese says

    Reimund! Great plug-in you got going on. love it! Been a fan since v1
    I tried to install v2.0.2 on my PS CS5 and the scripts work through File>Scripts but not
    through the extensions pop-up thing for Tych. The window shows up
    but the buttons aren't there.

    Is there a fix for that?

    will be reverting back to v1 for now.

    ps. works great on my trial PS CS6. buttons shows up and works.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Koji, did you install through Extension Manager? What OS are you on?

  • wallz says

    Thank you Rei! This will be perfect for upcoming Mother's Day =)

    Is it possible to specify a canvas size and have the entire project resize to both the height and width? For example, 11 inches x 8.5 inches?

    I've been able to use the option, "Resize to Fit" -> Width -> Target Width, and it maintains the width, however how can I control both the height and width at the same time so the entire tych (as a whole) fits and resizes to 11 x 8.5?

    Perhaps the functionality is all there under the Options button. Could you reply with a sample workflow?


  • opiumalfa says

    I have the same problem as one of people here: I installed this on Cs5 for Windows 64-bit but when I open the Tych Panle extension in Photoshop, it is just a gray box with nothing in it. Any suggestions? I checked the Plug-in and Script folders and all files seem to be there.

  • chris moranchel says

    I have tried everything and nothing is working. Everytime I hit the tych panel its just blank. Please help, this is a lovely plug-in and really want it to work! I might be doing something wrong.

  • Rita Hanssen says


    I got the same problemem as Chris M. The panel is just blank!! Is it something wrong , or is it just us...?;)

  • Reimund Trost says

    If you are getting a blank panel it means that not all files have been copied to the correct locations. See the manual installation steps, especially step 3 and step 4.

    If you are getting this error when installing with Extension Manager, can you please email me the OS, Extension Manager & Photoshop version you are using? My email address is

  • Wolny says

    Everytime I choose large .jpg files, the rearrangement window is blank - I can't arrange photos and accept it. Works well with smaller files. How to fix it?

  • Wolny says

    My software: Windows 7 x86, Photoshop CS 5.1 Extended

  • Brooke says

    I have tried installing this with extension manager on CS5 on Mac, it said it was successful, but when I reopened photoshop, opened the tych panel and I had no options, it's just a blank grey square... and I also tried the trouble shooting, changing the settings in preferences and also tried manually installing it & still no luck! HELP :(

  • Reimund Trost says

    Wolny, Photoshop has a limit on how large images it can open via the ScriptUI interface. If you want thumbnails on larger files, you must run Tych Panel from Bridge (it will then use the thumbnails generated by Bridge).

    Brooke, email sent...

  • Wolny says

    Thanks Reimund! You're app is gorgeous. Keep it up!

  • RONIT says

    I LOVE IT thanks, muchas gracias por compartirlo!

  • Charisma Howard says

    Hi! This looks like an absolute dream plugin! Is there a version for PSE 10? I would love to have access to using this awesome tool : )


  • gloria waters says

    Hi you are my new best friend. But seriously- I just discovered this with the help of a teacher, and I was making my image boards from scratch on photoshop. You have made my life and job so much easier!!!!! THANK YOU.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Charisma, unfortunately there is no version for PSE 10, at least what I'm aware of.

    Gloria, I'm glad you like it :)

  • Mallory says

    I don't know why I can't get this to work. When I go to Windows/Extensions in photoshop cs5, there is nothing there. I pasted tych panel into plug-ins and scripts. When you say that I have to replace .xml and .swf with the "files in the cs5 directory," I have no idea what you mean. Maybe this is the step I'm missing. I am very far from tech saavy. Aaahhh!!! Help!

  • Reimund Trost says


    There is a directory named CS5 with two files. Copy these into the other directory where there is two identically named files. You should overwrite them.

  • Jim says

    I have installed this on CS5 on Mac and it is showing in extensions opening and I can click into the options box but the row/column buttons are not responding?? Any idea what to do?

  • Philip says

    Very good work. Thank you. Just like an earlier post, it would be great if you could set the width and height.

  • Drazick says

    Got Photoshop CS6 on Windows 7 64 Bit.
    For some reason Extension Manager doesn't work.

    I'm trying to follow your notes on manual installation.
    Unfortunately, I get error "Load panel xml error Error #2032".

    This is what I do (Just like your screenshots):
    1. Open the zxp, got 3 folders:
    * __MACOSX
    * panel
    * scripts
    Got 2 files as well
    * icon
    * Tych Panel.mxi

    2. I copy the folder \panel\contents into \Plug-ins\Panels\Tych Panel\contents
    3. I replace the files with those from CS5 folder.
    4. I copy the contents of the folder scripts into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Presets\Scripts\Tych Panel\

    I run Photoshop CS6, Click on the Tych Panel and get the error I mentioned.

    Is there a solution?

    Thank You.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Drazick, only replace the files if you are on CS5.
    So skip step number 3 and you should be fine.

    Jim, you on the other hand is probably missing step 3..

  • Richard Lyall says


    Thanks for this great plugin - I look forward to getting it working on PS CS6 32-bit on Windows XP.

    The extension installs without error with the extension manager, but I am getting the same XML #2032 error as above.

    Should a manual installation fix this?

    Thanks for your help

  • aubrei says

    i cannot figure out how to install this into a windows cs4 i am trying, if you get a chance please help me out thanks so much this looks amazing

  • April says

    I tried manual installation for CS5 and still cannot get it to work. I made sure to go in to Preferences and use additional plugins pointing to the plugins directory. Restarted CS5 and it's not showing up in Extensions.

  • April says

    Okay so I got it to show up finally under Extensions... but when I click on New Row or New Column, it doesn't do anything!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Richard, I'm not sure but I would definitely try it.

    Aubrei, CS4 is not supported, sorry.

    April, sounds like you are missing the replace part in step 4.

  • Becca says

    Wow, what a cool script! I'm using PS5.1 (pc version) and I think I was able to successfully install using the extensions manager. BUT my PS keeps crashing when I run it. I can start a new row and choose images, but after I choose them, PS shuts down. If I try selecting options first, it crashes immediately. Do you have any suggestions for me? I would love to make this work.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Becca, I've sent you an email.

  • Roy Mateer says

    Hi, this will be an amazing app if it would only work!! `as with others the adobe extension would not permit me to loadit,yet it has loaded other extensions from kelby, Im using CS5 on mac osx6, I have tried the manual installation as instructed but still does not appear in the PS>windows> extensions flyout, help, I so need this app!

    Regards Roy

  • Chris says

    I have created my Tych Panel, and all is good, however when I upload to my blog it is not uploading at the correct width. My blog is set for 700px wide, however for some weird reason the tych panel is only uploading at around 500px. Can you please help?
    Thanks.. awesome product - is going to save me so much time.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Roy, I cannot say what's going wrong. My tip is to read through all the comments here and maybe you will get some pointers. Also please read the manual installation steps carefully, that might help.

    Chris, can you verify that the pictures you created are indeed 700px wide? If it is, well, the error has nothing to do with Tych Panel but rather your blog software.

    Hope that helps.

  • Derek Johnston says

    This is great. Would love to be able to set a specific height and width instead of just one or the other. Keep up the good work!!!

  • edward says

    Having trouble with PS6. When I treat a tych, the second image doesnt show up now. That just started happening today. Tried to reinstall, and the same thing is happening.

  • cs4user says

    this looks awesome!! i was so disappointed when i saw it wouldn't work for cs4. please add the support for older versions!!!

  • Arifandi Indraprasetio says

    Just want to say thank you so much! This really help a lot. Version 2 is super great!

  • Moses says

    Hi, I LOVE your script. Only question... how do I get those rounded corners to output? Thanks!

  • Dearth says

    Hit a snag with replacing the files for CS5 but I figured it out and it works perfectly! Thanks! This will save me tons of time!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Moses, just enter a number greater than zero for corner radius.

    Arifandi, Dearth, thank you!


  • KD says

    This may be old news...I just found this site today...and am trying to install, and you say that " If you're on CS5, you need to replace Tych Panel.xml & Tych Panel.swf with the files in the CS5 directory." - How do I do this exactly? I tried installing with the Extension Manager but it states I need Photoshop 12.0 or higher (?) so I had to do the manual install. Thanks!!

  • TM says

    Hi, this is exactly what I'm looking for, but I have been working on installing all day and literally can not figure it out! I have cs6 and windows 7. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Tristan says

    Awesome extension, thanks for sharing!

  • Bailey Mohr says

    I have successfully installed the the first version and gotten it to work in PS5. I have now downloaded and unziped versoin 2, but no matter how many ways I try to intall it. I'm still only getting the first version to open in PS. What am I doing wrong?

  • Bailey says

    I figured out how to make it all work by uninstalling the first version of tych panel and restarting. Thank you for such a wonderful tool!

  • Jennifer says

    Hello! This is exactly the plugin I've been looking for. I went to install it manually as detailed in the instructions but got lost at the last step. "If you're on CS5, you need to replace Tych Panel.xml & Tych Panel.swf with the files in the CS5 directory." What does this mean?

    I am running CS5 on Mac OS X. As of right now the panel shows up in Photoshop but no buttons/options appear in it. I'm assumings its because I didn't understand the last step.

    Thank you for any help,

  • Reimund Trost says

    Jennifer, copy CS5/Tych Panel.xml and CS5/Tych Panel.swf to
    /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Plug-ins/Panels/Tych Panel/content

    Hope that helps

  • Jennifer says

    Thank you so much for the speedy reply. Everything is installed properly and runs great. This is a beautiful plugin!

    Have a wonderful day.


  • TARAH says

    hey - awesome extension. my only problem is that the options button doesn't work. i'm sure it's because i've done something wrong, any ideas?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Sounds like some file is missing. I recommend doing the manual installation. Just make sure you read through the steps carefully. It might also help to read through the comments.

  • Thilo says

    This is nothing but a great script.

    However, I am facing a reproducible issue: One border of the image added (or the last one in a row of multiple images added at the same time) is not aligned. You can see this quirk at the bottom border of this example (the right image was added to the left):

    I would be happy if you could fix this. (I am currently fixing this manually by deleting the layer mask and transforming/stretching the image - but this shouldn't be the solution ;))

    Thanks lot in advance, Thilo

  • albert says

    thank you for this fantastic panel and can be very useful if you can send me the original script for Italian translation .....
    regards Albert
    NB sorry for the translation use google translator

  • Reimund Trost says


    That looks unfortunate indeed. Please send me the instructions on how to reproduce it (ie the order you add the pictures). It might also be of importance what dimensions the pictures are.

    Thanks for taking time to learn how reproduce the bug.

  • Carrie says

    Hi - I am trying to install this and am getting the administrator error - but I am using a MAC and CS5. I watched the video and can't find a 'use as administrator' in the applications file for CS5 extension manager. I have gone to settings and double checked that i am in as the administrator - and I am as it is my laptop, but no dice. I am currently at a photography workshop where one of the attendees told everyone about your amazing product and I can't wait to use it! please help!


  • Thilo says

    Hi Reimund,

    in terms of the example from my comment above: I have added the right picture to the left (+right).

    This is reproducible with adding multiple pictures, too. But the mismatch only occurs with the last one added (e.g. in case I am adding three pics on the buttom, only the last one on the very right is misaligned, the rest fits perfectly).

    Thanks lot in advance. And sorry for my late reply - but I didn't see your comment as I were not able to subscribe to the comments ;) Maybe, you'll send an Email if you need any further information.

    Best, Thilo

  • Jason Brandt says

    Will this work with CS3?

  • Paul says

    I have a problem making tychs with a large number of images on OS X, the basic problem is that if I want to make a row with more than 5 images they won't all fit into the image ordering dialog. Some of the images and buttons disappear off the side. I would be happy to lose the image preview boxes and just order by filename if it all fitted on screen. I guess this is a difficult one to solve!

  • Giovanni Logrono says

    Hi, this is an amazing tool you've created. I was just wondering if I could use the plugin for album design? For example, for a 10" x 10" album, I would need a document size that is 6000 pixels in width and 3000 pixels in height, but after adding rows and columns, I can't seem to keep the final document in those dimensions. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it just outside the limitations of the Tych panel?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Paul, I'm aware of the problem and I intend to fix it in a future version. In the meantime, I suggest you disable reordering in the options whenever you're working with that many pictures. It will should then order based on filenames.

    Giovanni, currently there is no way to set both height and width I'm afraid. There is a workaround where you create an action that crops/resizes a picture to the wanted size, and then you can tell Tych Panel to apply that action when it's loading the images. You can then have an action that say, crops the picture into the correct aspect ratio, and then have Tych Panel resize the images to the desired width. You would have to take size of borders into account however, which means you probably need one action per layout, so it's not really flexible.

    Hopefully I will get my act together soon and make it possible to set both height and width. It's a popular request.

  • Matt says

    Hi Reimund,

    First of all, I agree with everyone on here that this script rocks! I'm having the same issue as Becca had previously. I was able to successfully install using the extensions manager for CS5.1. But my PS keeps crashing when I run it. I can start a new row and choose images, but after I choose them, PS shuts down.

    Any ideas to what might be the problem?

    Thanks again for creating a super awesome script!

  • Arve says

    You site was down yesterday. I went to This is 2.0.0
    I could not fine any zxp fil. Maybe because i have a PC?
    I have Photoshop CS6 win 7 64-bit.

    I installed Adobe Air 3.4. Then Adobe Configurator 3.1.

    Then Copy scripts/Tych Panel to /Presets/Scripts.
    Then open Tych Panel.gpc in Adobe Configurator and export it to /Plug-ins/Panels.
    3. Enable the panel via Window/Extensions/Tych Panel in Photoshop.
    I got this. But noting happening when I click on it.
    So what to do? Shall i Use 2.0.2 and how to install this?

  • Wolfgang says

    Hi, great thanks for the Panel, very helpful.

    One issue in the moment is that the panel only works for me with the CS6 32bit version.
    With the CS6 64 bit it's not working - the same errors as in the post by Arve.


  • Tammy Bilodeau says

    Is this compatible with PSE?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Tammy, no. It will not work with Photoshop Elements, unfortunately.

    Arve, Configurator will not copy all required files to the Panels/Tych Panel directory. You should follow the manual installation steps and you would be fine. I do recommend 2.0.2 though.

    Wolfgang, my guess is you didn't copy all the files to their correct locations. I think on Windows Photoshop will get installed into two separate directories, one for 32 bit and one for 64bit. Make sure you install it correctly in the latter.

  • Yan says

    Hello there I've made a triptych and worked great thx a lot for that. But can u help, the final file size is only 173k !! too low to print it.

  • Naved says

    hi. thanks for this, but its really not working i m using cs5.5 and everything appears in the panel but nothing works not even the options panels opens up. i did the manual method. but it still the same.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Stavros, thanks. We would love to do a Greek wedding, if that's what you're wondering :)

  • Miguel says

    Hi, when I try to run it in adobe extension manager a box pops up: You don not have the appropriate permissions required to perform this operation. Contact you system administrator to obtain permission. I'm using Win 7 64 bit, CS5. Help please.

  • ray says

    awesome work dude ,
    windows 7 64 bit cs6 install was simple no errors
    works like a dream

  • Thilo says

    Hi Reimond,

    were you able to solve my problem from above or do you need anything more to analyze it?

    Best, Thilo

  • JoJo says

    Bravo, you really nailed it on the head. This is amazingly easy to use and such a time saver!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Thilo, I haven't gotten to that yet I'm afraid. Too high workload at the moment.

    JoJo, that's great to hear, thank you :)

  • al_bon_jovi says

    FYI the script does not work with png-8 pictures, it does not finish. I had to convert everything to sRGB and JPG to make it work.

  • Nathalie says

    I am in love with this product! Thank you so much for creating something that is extremely user friendly and fast. BUT can someone please help me? I have created a file with this amazing Tych Panel 2 and I am wanting to upload it to my blogger page. How do I do this without having it come up as a teeny tiny strip of images or being too big to even be considered? Obviously not a smart cookie here - but would appreciate any help! and I have edited the html size having the picture end up completely pixelated... *sigh* please help.

  • Gareth says


    Fantastic plugin to use, but i'm having issues with the reorder image box it keeps going grey, so i exit out of it and try again and sometimes it works or it just crashes photoshop. (install using the extensions manager)

  • corey says

    Reimund Trost....THanks for such a great creation. Very nice work!

  • michelle says

    I just installed in CS6. The panel comes up, but when I click the buttons it says "IO Error: File or Folder does not exist." I tried going through file>scripts, but that also gives an error. Any suggestions?

  • David says

    Thank you for sharing, very good script for layout blog photos, as a wedding photographer I was using old style static templates and this method is very much confortable and visual. Very valuable your sharing, greetings from Madrid, Spain.
    A big hug,
    David Crespo
    Fotografo de bodas Madrid

  • Qing Zhao says

    I really love this plug-in and wish if you could add in the specific settings for adding, placing and resizing the watermarks on the final image according to the size of the export images. That would definitely make it even better!

    Thank you again for bringing us such a wonderful tool and wish the best for you ~~~ :)

  • Emily says

    I dont quite understand this:

    If you're on CS5, you need to replace Tych Panel.xml & Tych Panel.swf with the files in the CS5 directory.

    I'm running on a Mac OS using CS5. I've installed everything correctly (I've gone over it about a million times) but when I open the program in photoshop, and click to make a row, No window shows up for pictures for me to choose.. Whats going on?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Emily, I've sent you an email.

  • Rose says

    Hi, thanks for this great program. I have two questions. Firstly, am I able to get Tych Panel to choose my photos from Bridge? I am working on a Mac and it always directs to finder which makes it difficult to choose files. Secondly, lately when using it, it has been change my images to black and white on import to Photoshop. Is there a reason for this? Thank you :)

  • Reimund Trost says

    Rose, yes you should be able to run it from Bridge. If the right click menu doesn't already work in Bridge, please read how to install it in the manual installation steps under Troubleshooting.

    About your black & white problem: make sure your document is set to RGB mode before you run TP. Goto Image / Mode / RGB Color.

    Hope that helps

  • Rose says

    Reimund, Thanks for answering my question. In regards to the black and white thing, I checked I am in RGB colour mode and I am. It only happens sometimes and it seems to be when there is one black and white photo in a row or column then it changes all the others in that row or column to black and white. Weird :)

  • tiffiny says

    Hello. I just found this today and I got it installed. When I play with it though, I click on the "option" button and nothing happens.

    I am able to add one picture at a time using the top, bottom, left, and right buttons. It wont let me add more then one at a time.

    Also when I go to the Windows-Extensions to bring up the panel, the Tych Panel shows up i think I might have installed something wrong...any ideas?

    I am using a windows and CS5.
    Thanks for your help and your great extension!!


  • Manuela says

    thank`s for creating such a great tool. It worked great for a few minutes but then I got problems. the program is running but the everything disappears. When the window is opens to reorder photoshop get stuck and I have to restart. Any idea how to solve the problem?

  • Sherry says

    Truly I have tried ALL the troubleshooting ideas here but I still am unable to get Photoshop to recognize the extension. It just acts like it's not a zxp file. It originally downnloads as a zip file. I change the extension and then unzip but no luck. Looks like a great product but I guess it's not for me.

  • Andy says

    Thanks, but do you can put images from Bridge into layer with layer mask ? I think what this is good idea :-) And second questions - give me please links to tutorial about creating panel and linked it to the my script, please !!!

  • aurora says

    Hi, I need some help.
    I have Mac OSX 10.8.2. I had difficulties with the installation via the Extension Manager (error message - I need to have at least Photoshop Version 12. But I have Version 12.1 installed) so I did the installtion manualy, like it is described in the exeption handling.
    Tych Panel is then available in Photoshop. But after clicking i.e. the "add Bottom" button - nothing happens. I expect a file selection window coming up - but nothing.
    Can you help me with further tips?

  • Petra says

    Txs so much for this extension.
    It worked very well but now if I enable teh reorder dialog I see for a fraction of a seccond the prictures and they disappear within a fraction again, leaving an empty white firld in the rearder panel. I am using CS5 . What can I do.

  • Peter L Peter says


    Thanks for this really cool program.

    I would like to suggest that you add a GENERATE button that will enable to us to make the changes we make in the OPTIONS dialogue box effective after loading all the images that we want.

    For example: after loading all my images and creating the final layout that i want, i may want to go back and change the spacing or border style.

    Unfortunately the only way I know how to do that is to click OPTIONS - make the changes - then click TOP, LEFT, BOTTOM or RIGHT to add another photo; after after which the changes I had made in the OPTIONS dialogue box will take effect, with the unfortunate addition of another photo that i did not want.

    Another helpful feature would be an UNDO button.

    If all these features are already there please let me know how to find them.

    Thanks again for this awesome tool.

  • Peter says

    TIP: The icons for both the TOP and BOTTOM tabs are the same. I think the BOTTOM icon should be the flipped.

    PS: If these tips are not welcomed please let me know. I don't mean to be a nuisance. Just trying to help.

  • Peter says

    TIP: TychPanel does not allow me to add more than 4 images at the TOP. I believe that this is because the OK button is hidden when there more than 4 images selected.

  • Reimund Trost says


    Thanks for taking time to write down your thoughts. It's much appreciated.

    Also thanks for pointing out that the wrong icon was used, I have fixed that now.

    The features you are suggesting would be nice indeed, however I won't be adding any new features in the nearest future (the days are too short for that, really).

  • Chris says

    when I hit the top,right of left button, it's creating a new image...why won't it add to the existing anymore? it was before??


  • Reimund Trost says

    Chris, you have most probably disabled that feature in the options, it's called 'Composite with active document'.

  • Klarisse says

    Hi! Just wanted to express my thanks for this wonderful, wonderful extension! This is truly beyond brilliant! :-)

  • John J McAssey says

    On my Windows 7 64bit PC with CS6 the only way I can count on getting Thumbnails in your script image reorder panels is to select images in the full bridge then use you panel extension on Photoshop. Using Mini Bridge selection does not work instead the files selection dialog opens as if no thumbnails were selected in the mini bridge. Selecting images in the files selection dialog produces mixed results. Some images show thumbnails in the panel others do not. I can not figure out what is causes this it does not seem to be size related. Some large jpeg files show thumbnails where some small jpeg files like 100px by 66px do not show up with thumbnails in your script image reorder panel???

  • Reimund Trost says


    Mini Bridge is not supported, sorry.

    Also you are right in that the thumbnail issue is size related. That seems to be a limitation in Photoshop's scripting capabilities, hopefully something Adobe will fix in the future.

  • John J McAssey says

    Reimund your scripts are excellent the thumbnail issue is NOT size related its something else. I do not use the Bridge or even mini bridge why wast the ram. So I'll turn off the reorder option for my use. Since your the scripts can repeatedly re-size the active current documents the smart object layer option is good for it looks like the embedded object is a full size image when the layer is transformed to 100%. Your Tych package seems great for throwing images onto a web page. Thanks.

    I'm more a control freak and want absolute control over size aspect ratio and image placement when it come to thing like Photo Collages and I deal with print size images so I use PSD template files when creating Collags. If your ever in that market you may want to look at the scripts in my "Photo Collage Toolkit" package for Photoshop".

    I dislike Adobe configurator for you need to create an install for each version of Photoshop so I do not include a panel my package. My scripts work in Cs2 through CS6. Though there is a bug in CS6 Scripting which will bite if Bicubic Automatic is left as the Photoshop Interpolation preference Adobe forgot to add support for the new setting in their scripting support. My script is Place to insert image so if you have a layered image you still have access to them by editing the placed images.

  • John J McAssey says

    forgot to include the link to my Photoshop packages http://www.mouseprints./net/Photoshop.html

  • John J McAssey says

    Forgot to include the link to my Photoshop packages
    some days I hit the right keys other days I don't. Actually I can't type its the way my brain is wired...

  • John J McAssey says


    I use a PC with Photoshop CS6 Windows 7 64bit.

    When I use Tych Panel Options panel Composting section and un-check Composite with active document I expected to get a new document every time I used the Tych panel sometimes I do other not so. Don't know if it a CS6 bug or in you scripts. When one of you scripts ends and I can use your Tych panel again I'm not able to do some PS things like move a window or reset the work-space unless I first switch PS current tool its almost like tych still seems to be in control of PS. Sometime the active document is modified when it should not be and may be changed from a row to a column with a re-sized row as an image in the column etc. Strange thing seem to be going on...

  • Martin says

    Hi Reimund,
    exactly what I was looking for. It's a great help. But I have a little problem. Mac OS X10.8.2, PS CS5. Installation of ok. Tycho Panel button in PS but not responding: (. Wondering where we make mistakes please?

    Thank you very mutch


  • Ella says

    Wonderful blog, Love the Tych Panel. Very grateful for this awesome tool. Thank-You !!!

  • Miami Wedding Photographers says

    Amazing Plug-in, liked it so much I left you an inkind donation. Great work!!

  • Pieter says

    Hi Reimund,

    I manually installed Tych Panel. When I open a photo in any of the left/right column or top/bottom row, the photo is displayed for about one second and then disappears and nothing shows on my screen. I am using CS5 and Windows 7. I do not know if I did something wrong when I installed. I installed according to your instructions.

    Sorry to bother you



  • Kristopher Gower says

    Hey there,

    First of all, thank you so much for this plugin! It's saved me a lot of time!

    I installed this plugin sometime last year and remember it installing right from the down load (i don't recall it even running the the extensions manager when i installed it). I installed it onto CS5 and loved it.

    I then upgraded to CS6, and the Tych Panel automatically worked in it without having to move the plugin to the new versions folder. I used it with CS6 right through to the end of last wedding season and haven't had a use for it since.

    Wedding season just started for me again and today I went to use this plugin and couldn't find it anywhere. I must have gotten rid of it when I cleared my old CS5 off my computer (i did this over the winter).

    I down loaded it again and encountered all the installation problems that everyone seems to be describing above (extension manager not working)

    I did the manual method which made it show in photoshop i could find the tych panel in the window>extensions menu. When I opened it though it said "Load panel xml error Error #2032" instead of opening the extension.

    Honestly, I'm stumped. I'm not a computer genius by any means and this is a little over my head. I REALLY want this extension to work though because it was so bloody useful last season.

    Any ideas?

  • Reimund Trost says

    You will get the "Load panel xml error Error #2032" error if you are using the files intended for CS5 on CS6. If you are using Photoshop CS6, you need to copy the files from the CS6 directory and not the CS5 directory.

    I've now added a readme file that hopefully clears all doubts on how to proceed with the manual installation.

    Hope that helps.

  • Joey says

    I just down loaded the newest version today but the "panel" and "scripts" folders are empty when trying to manually install :/

  • Don Yeager says

    When I make the .zxp a .zip and uncompress it, there are not any files in the scripts folder or panel folder. Thoughts?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Doh! I made a mistake when packaging, It should be alright now.

    Note to self: Don't do any changes in the middle of the night...

  • Iliyana says

    From now on, tychpanel becomes my favorite feature! Thank you so so much!

  • Dave Af says

    is there no hope for such an item for paint shop pro?

    I've tried photo shop a few times over the years but it's foreign
    to me and I always tend to go back to paint shop pro cause
    it's home, and been using psp from the start 'literally v 1.0' it
    came on a 5 1/4 inch floppy in a zoo file 'wasnt zip files yet'

    but use alot of photo shop filters and bit sad this wont work!

  • Courtney says

    Hi Reimund!

    I am trying to down-load your fabulous extension but am having trouble..

    I'm using a PC and Photoshop CS3. I have the Adobe extension manager but when I use and try to search for your file (which is on my desktop), it doesn't see it. I've tried everything I can think of.. Any ideas? I've read through lots of other people's comments to try and find my answer but really see a match.

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Reimund says

    Courtney, it's because the zxp format were introduced in CS5.

    For CS3 you must install it manually, but to be honest I don't even know if that will work (I don't have access to CS3).

    I would follow the manual installation steps found here and see if the scripts work. If they do, you can either create shortcuts for the different scripts found in the File/Scripts menu, or record actions for each script. Note that the panel (ie graphical interface) _will not_ work in CS4 or lower.

  • Lee says

    Hi, great tool!

    I have an small issue, the bridge context menu items are duplicated multiple times and result in a large list of items. I have tried uninstallimg, re-installing, manual install etc to no avail. The manual install results in just four menu items as expected, but the script itself does not then work.

    Many thanks for any assistance.

  • JF says

    omg Rei, you are brilliant!

    i've just down loaded Tych Panel 2 and can't wait to try!!!

    i'm so letting my pips know about this! keep it up!


  • Alan says

    Is there any way to maintain a certain aspect ratio like 8.5 x 11?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Alan, currently no unfortunately. I do see the use of it though, and I hope to add it in the future.

  • RichardSunday says

    Hi, when using tych I cannot resize an image on PS or use the number keys, is this a known bug ?
    many thanks, Richard ....

  • Pat says

    Hi there ! I think your script is amazing.
    Just a quick question - and I'm sorry if this was answered in previous post.
    I installed your plugin and I see it when I go in the scroll down menu , , . But there's no way for me to see it like it is setup in Photoshop in your video.
    I have done some customization in the way my windows are displayed and I would love to work directly from Photoshop (CS5) but I'm not quite sure how to install it the way it is in your demo video.
    You think you could give me a hint?
    Even before I use it, I know I'm going to love your plugins. Thank you so much !

  • Pat says

    Basically, it's the panel that I can't see !
    If you could give a few hints, that would be awesome!
    Thanks again,

  • Pat says

    All right ! I have found the panel.
    This is awesome. Thank you so much for your time and effort. I will definitively consider a donation.
    Thanks !

  • DJKJ says

    This is such an innovative and easy to use too. I had been creating tyches eyeballing the borders and getting horrible results. Now the spacing is perfect. I am so glad I found this web page. Congratulations on creating this awesome tool.

  • Krysta says

    I can not get this to install right. I've tried it over and over and it STILL will NOT work! I'm getting extremely frustrated.

  • Earl says

    I had your original version and it was not working anymore for my CS5 for some reason so I went to your site and down loaded your version 2, which by the way is GREAT.

    I wanted a 5400 Pixel wide photo so at 300 dpi for printing. When I finished the top half I noticed that it had added 200 pixels to the size, for the 100 pixel border. I resized the final photo back to the required 5400 wide. In the future I will undersize by 200 pixels, 5200, without a border and then increase the canvas and fill black to the required 5400.

    Not sure if that is the way it is suppose to work, just wanted to let you know.

    I made the photo in two parts, top was 4 rows and the bottom was 2 rows. I did this so I could add column without affecting all the rows. Don't know if it would be possible in future versions to allow you to insert a column on a selectable number of rows, i.e.. left column two rows or right column two rows. If not I got what I wanted by splitting it into two photos and then combining.

    Here is a link to the final results

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • Stuart Edwards says

    Thanks for this - I've been doing this manulally for a long time. This will shave HOURS off my workload. :)

  • Vadim says

    Hello! When I try to install with extension manager onto my CS5 i keep getting the message "The destination '$userscripts:tychpanel.jsx:' contains an invalid token. The extension will not be installed". I followed the instructions to install it manually but Extensions menu is still not active in Photoshop... did I miss something? I'm really desperate to get it installed( Any ideas? Thanks

  • Fons says

    Excellent work , thanks for sharing....

  • frank mckenna says

    I have been looking for something like this for a long time and now I found it. Thank you!

  • Cally says

    This is a great plug-in, thanks so much for sharing it! it's made everything so much quicker, I love it :)

  • Rhys Parker says

    Just want to say thanks, this is a great little tool.

  • Pryere says

    I'm running W7 64 with no problems at all. This will be very useful.

    Thank you.

  • RJ Gregson says

    Looking forward to giving this a whirl. many thanks

  • Chris Raymond says

    I had this working fine for about 10 minutes. Then I did something the script apparently didn't like, moving around one of the masks. Photoshop CS5 crashed. Every time I restart PS now and try to open the Tych Panel, PS crashes. Any ideas? Corrupted plist?

  • jr says

    i watched the vimeo vid and all of your parameter settings were done using pixel measurements. is there a way to set your parameters off of inches or another type of measurement?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Chris, does not sound familiar. Tried reinstalling?

    Jr, at the moment you can only do pixel measurements.

  • Linda says

    Will your software work with Photoshop CS3 ??
    i tried to install it manually, but it doesn't work ..

    can you advice ??

  • Pablo says

    Sorry to be a bother, but I'm really excited to use the extension. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time getting it to work. I see that you've sent an email to some. Do you think you can forward that email to me? I would greatly appreciate it.
    (just so you know, i've been able to install it but once i click on the buttons it doesn't do anything. I thought i followed the manual installation but have been unsuccessful.) I'm running it on cs5 and wondering if i'm installing correctly. and finally, i believe i've deleted all the tych down loads because i noticed that there were a couple there, so i should be good with that.


  • Vicky says

    This looks like a wonderful plugin, thank you so much!

    However, I can't get the options to work :( I installed it manually and the add pictures-buttons worke fine, but not the options. I tried accessing it from File -> Scripts but that didn't work either.

    Please help!

  • Erin says

    HI! I just got a new mac, and now my Tych Panel won't show up in my extensions, and the installer says I don't have permission to re-install! Ever heard of that happening? I am lost without Tych Panel!!! How will I ever blog again!?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Linda, I've heard that it the scripts should work in CS3 (but not the panel). Try this:

    1. Install manually (no need to install the panel into Plug-ins/Panels since it won't work)
    2. Setup keyboard shortcuts for the different scripts found in File/Scripts. Eg New column (left). There is one script per panel button.
    3. Alternativly, record an action for each scripts. You can then use the actions as you would the panel.

    Pablo, please read the Troubleshooting section carefully. It's important that you use the CS5 panel files and not the ones in the CS6 directory.

    Vicky, I need more info in order to help you. Are you getting any error message? Please email me on and I will try to be of help.

    Erin, I have no idea what causes that behaviour (a few users have reported similar behaviour in the past). I recommend installing it manually (please refer to the Troubleshooting section on this page).

  • Erin says

    Ok, my photoshop directory listed in your troubleshooting "panels" does not exist!!!!!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Erin, if Plug-ins/Panels does not exist, create it and put the files in there as described...

  • Reimund Trost says


    It works fine with Photoshop CS6. Not quite sure what you have going on there. Please follow the installation instructions carefully, and do read the Troubleshooting section carefully as well.

    If you're still having problems, you can send me an email on and explain the steps you take to get that error.

  • e11world says

    Thank you so much for creating this amazing plugin.
    I don't know if there's a way to tell it to use a certain document size and fit images around that size but if there is, please comment back anyone? (similar to Wallz's question to fit images to page/document size)

  • sebastien says

    Great, thx for all

  • Alan Lee says

    Hi - great work and even greater that you're sharing it at no cost. I can get it to work under CS6 but the Options panel will not show - I get an "Error: Invalid Image Data" when I try to click on Options.

    Any idea what might be causing this? Thank you.

  • Alan Lee says

    Hi again - pls ignore my last comment. I did not copy the folder over properly. Sorry about that.

  • Aaron says

    HI, I have used tych panel in CS6 and all was great I love it! However since Im now a Photoshop CC member It won't work, I have tried using the manual install using the CS6 files but It wont work.
    Any idea when/if you can update it to work with PS CC?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Aaron, please check your install. Tych Panel should work fine with PS CC.

  • Nicole says

    Reimund I absolutely loved using tych panel in CS6 on my PC. I just switched over to an iMac and am using a trial of Photoshop CC & am having trouble installing :( I'm trying to manually install. I am not tech savy and new to the Mac operating system - bad combination! LOL! I'm trying to find detailed step by step instructions for installing on a Mac but I'm so lost, can you (or even someone reading) please help me out. I would be super grateful. Thank you.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Nicole, I just created this video to show how it's done.

    Hope that helps

  • corey says

    Big fan of tych panel. I'm running into an issue when I try to make a tych into a common printable size. For example, an 8x10. It seems when i do this this the size is changed

    Is the there a trick to working with in a specified size,

  • Seven Iverson says

    Hello Reimund... why is the setting window button opening this panel with this error? - I have access to no setting option as a result...


  • John says

    Hi, tried it on CS6 64-bit and it just hangs PS when you open the panel. After removing it via the Extension Manager i was getting errors about the Vulcan M essaging System stopping working (which is part of PS)?

  • Danki says

    Hi There!
    Superb. Really.

  • Gabriel Gurrola says

    " Error: General Photoshop error occurred. This functionality may not be available in this version of Photoshop. - The command "Delete" is not available. "

    Not sure why this occurring

  • Dave Austin says

    As was said by Gabriel Gurrola, I also cannot use the extension, but do want to say it would be GREAT if it worked in my Win 7 Pro, 64 bit environ. Hopefully an update will fix this. Let me know if you need any debug work done as I'd like to help with any diagnostics and this problem is consistently demonstrable.

    This is my error:

    First: "Warning: No pixels were selected." and then when that dialog box is "OK'd:

    " Error: General Photoshop error occurred. This functionality may not be available in this version of Photoshop. - The command "Delete" is not available. "

  • Harsh says

    I've question, If i want to edit/crop one particular image in tych can we do that?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Harsh, yes you can. You just need to enable smart objects and layer masks in the options :)

    Dave & Gabriel, you got mail.

  • Sage says

    This does NOT work for Photoshop CC. Anyone have any info?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Sage, please check your install. It should work fine in Photoshop CC.

  • Martha Bronstein says

    WOW! this is amazing! thank you so much for this! many many many thanks!

  • Samantha Pushpa Kumara says

    How to install it for Ps CC ?

  • Roman says

    Hey! This is the great tool! I was looking for something like this for a while! I've made a post about this on my site:
    So, thanks one more time!

  • Joe says


    I'm super-stoked on this tool, but I have a couple of questions. It's not immediately obvious to me whether this is an option with Tych Panel, so forgive me if it was explained in the features and I just missed it. Is there a way to control the border px spacing between the images? I ask because I would probably only use Tych Panel to combine portrait oriented images and landscape oriented images that are a larger series. Basically, I'll either set Tych Panel to match the spacing my website automatically places between images, or I'll crack open the code of my website to match Tych Panel. Either way, this tool is definitely a winner and I'm looking forward to it speeding up my workflow. YAY!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Samantha, install with Extension Manager CC or read the Troubleshooting section on this page.

    Roman & Martha, I'm glad you like it :)

    Joe, yes you can change the border spacing. It's called "Image spacing" in the options.

  • Martin Zevallos says

    Muchas gracias por compartir tu creación! Estupenda extensión!

  • Cilla says


    Försökt nu i hundra år. Funkar den med lightroom 5? eller elements 10 lr 12? får inte till det och har kollat på din video om hur man får in den manuellt men det går inte.
    Skulle vara tacksam om du kunde hjälpa mig!
    / Cilla

  • Gaby Kooijman says


    Great plugin, I already used it on my windows computer. But now I have a iMac. The plugin works, only I can't change the options, when I want to open the options I get this:
    Lijn: 1018
    -> var toggle = ScriptUI.newImage(new File(app.path + '/Plug-ins/Panels/Tych Panel/content/Tych Panel.assets/media/img/toggle-button.png'));

    Can you explain to me how I can fix this problem?!

    thank you!

  • Reimund Trost says

    Cilla, this is for Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC only. It's not for Photoshop Lightroom or Photoshop Elements.

    Gaby, that error message means that you copied the wrong folder into Panels/Tych Panel. Please read the instructions carefully.

  • Jonas Karlsson says

    Best tool ever. This one shaves off so many editing hours!

  • gena says

    Hi there,
    is there a way to install this in photoshop cloud?


  • Leif says

    Bara en glitch som jag ser det. Jag kanske vill lägga till en vertikal bild under i samma storlek, det går inte.Jag vill ha ett collage av 4 vertikala bilder två och två. :(

  • Amy says

    The download does not seem to be working with Photoshop there a different way to open it with this new program?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Gena, yup. Should work fine with Extension Manager or through manual installation.

    Leif, should be no problem. Just add a row with the desired pictures?

    Amy, are you getting a error message or what makes you say that it's not working with PS CC? It should work fine. Please let me know more about your problem.

  • Ivo H. says

    Tychy Panel 2 does not work after installation. It's not open anything. New rows, columns, option, link tych panel. Anything :o( (CS5 / x64)

  • John Young says

    Works brilliant - thank you

  • denny hawes-davis says

    Hi there,
    How do I import images for your system, since I use Lightroom, rather than Bridge? Thank you for your assistance. I'm definitely looking forward to using it.

  • Reimund Trost says

    Denny, there's currently no way of running Tych Panel from Lightroom I'm afraid.

  • Becky says

    Hi. FIrstly thanks for developing such an awesome tool. I've got this working on one computer but am trying to get it working on my laptop. With the extension manager install I had a problem where the reorder picture box just came up blank. So I uninstalled it and followed the installation instruction on the troubleshoot section. I'm not getting an 'Error: Invalid image data' whenever I try and insert new rows etc. Please help!

  • Becky says

    Correction on the above I can do one photo at a time. If I try and do more that one I get the error message above.

  • Mateusz Franczyk says

    Hello!Awesome work!Thank you for that panel!:)

  • maxine says

    Wonderful piece of software thank you!!! I also had trouble loading the software, CS5, had to do it manually as you suggested. Then tried to use it and nothing happened. Did an uninstall and now I've got two of everything in my Scripts but who cares it works now! Also my buttons won't work but I can access it from Files/Scripts as you suggest. Also have to pay attention to not load images that are too large. Keep upgrading!

  • Katie says

    This looks spectacular! I had to instal it using the .zip folder. I don't have the panel (I'm using CS5.1), and when I try to use it I get this error message: "Error 48: File or folder does not exist Line: 2
    -> $.evalFile(app.path + '/Presets/Scripts/Tych%20Panel/Tych%20Panel%20Only/tych.jsx');" although I followed the copy and paste directions and it's in my PS Application file. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Autumn says

    Trying to load with PS CC, followed manual instructions. It appears under the scripts menu in PS but when I click it I get the following error:

    Error 509: Invalid image data

    Line: 1018
    -> var toggle = ScriptUI.newImage(new
    File(app.path + '/Plug-ins/Panels/Tych Panel/
    content/Tych Panel.assets/media/img.toggle-

  • Autumn says

    Nevermind - got it! Thank you - can't wait to test it out!

  • dotel says

    So nice , thank u

  • Elin says


    First of all, really mazing plugin. I tried to install it manually to work in Bridge CS6, but I wonder if there's something different with CS6 from CS5 because the folders you mentioning are named differently... tried to figure it out the logical (?) way which one the file should be put into to be able to work from Bridge, but failed. Have googled endlessly on the topic and starting to wonder - am I the only one with differently named folders than the ones in the Bridge install example above?
    What to do?

    Many thanks in advance,

  • Danny says

    I have Photoshop Creative Cloud and use a Macbook Pro OSX 10.9.1, latest version. I just tried installing and this won't allow me, can you advise on what i need to do and where the exact steps are? Thanks,


  • Danny says

    need help and advice from the designer so I can install. I have been trying for 3 hrs to get this done I use photoshop creative Cloud CS6 and run MAC OSX 10.9.1. Please give exact instructions step-by-step on install of this plug-in. Adobe will not advise or help me with your plug-in

  • Pierpaolo says

    this is FANTASTIC
    thank you very very much!

    Is there something that I can do for you in exchange?

  • Mark - Web Design Cape Town says

    Thanks a ton for this really awesome tool. Not only does it work flawlessly, it's also free!

    Big ups to you!

  • Marzena says

    Thanks! And what a great idea! This will save a lot of time.

  • rocky95 says

    install manually as its instructed but its show "IOerror file or folder does not exist"
    i am using Photoshop cc.plz help me i really need this....

  • John Allan says

    I have your 2.2.2 installed on PS CS5.
    This is on Windows 7 64bit.

    Everything works just fine, except I never get a re-order window. That functionality is just totally missing.

  • Kye says

    Hi Reimund - when I select my images to put together - they appear in photoshop very small - when I go to magnify them - they are very pixelated - any advise on what to do? Many Thanks

  • mizan.ngbd2013 says

    thank's for your version .

  • Maggie says

    I love the tych panel but could you tell me why it make my photos grainy/noisy?

  • Drew says

    I am having a problem: When I load my images into TychPanel the images flicker around like usual and appear on screen for about 1 second and then disappear completely. What's going on here? I need the images to stay on screen in order to work with them.


  • Maria says

    Hur gör jag för att Tych Panel skall öppna Bridge och jag kan hämta bilderna därifrån?
    Nu öppnas utforskaren och det är inte lika lätt att ta bilderna därifrån!
    Tacksam för svar!//Maria

  • Tuss says

    Jag undrar om detta fungerar i cc?


  • CoMariana Photography says

    hey, thanks for this plugin, really very useful. Unfortunately I have an issue: after a manual installation, I am trying to merge 2 images (resized for web). I can open them, but the diptych stays for about a sec on and disappear...Any ideas how to solve?

  • denise says

    Hi, what a wonderful plug in, I am having such great fun. Had a frustrating time get it set up and working with many of the problems listed above etc, SO went back to web site watched the video, and then read all of the posts above. installed everything I had put in manually and followed video steps, now its working great.BUT the finished diptych is too big to print, and I get lost with pixels, cm., and inches so should I resize my pics before I start or can you give me the appropriate sizes
    to set to match with printing for photos.
    many thanks

  • Denise says

    oooops the above post should have read I UNinstalled all that I had put in manually wasn'tg sure if it should go to 32 bit or 64 bit so I put to both and not sure just what should be going into these files???

  • denise says

    how do I create contact sheets that I can print. luv this tool

  • Rebecca says

    I just wanted to let you know that this tool is amazing and exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know who might be able to use it. Thank you so much!

  • Jonathanjo says

    Hi =)
    This extension is awesome and useful.

    BUT, since the new update "Photoshop CC 2014", I can't use "Tych Panel" because it doesn't appears.
    I've tried the both way of installation.

    Can you fix this problem ?

  • Alex says

    I'm using new Photoshop CC 2014 on Windows. Downloaded Tychpanel extension and installed it with Adobe Extension Manager. Seems everything ok but TychPanel doesn't appeared under Window/Extensions menu. I can see the File/Scripts/Tych Panel Options menu and it works.
    I've copied the script to Bridge startup folder and now I have Tych Panel actions in the right-click menu and it seems this is the only way to use the extension for me.
    Is there a solution to make it working from Photoshop Window/Extension?

  • Reimund Trost says

    Jonathan and Alex,

    I am aware of this issue and working on a fix. The problem is that Adobe discontinued their support for Flash based panels which means it needs to be ported to a html5 panel.

    I will let you know when it's ready.

  • John Young says

    I will hold off updating my photoshop as Tychpanel is way to important to me to risk not being able to use it.

    Looking forward to the update Reimund on this superb project of yours

    I would happily donate again if it helps at all

  • Adam Lee says

    I thought that might have been the problem when I saw other people talking about Flash panels not working anymore.

    Hopefully you can fix it easily enough. It's a fantastic add-on.

    I agree with John. Happy to donate again if it helps get it up and running again.

  • John Young says

    Thank you for your hard work updating this to work with Photoshop CC 2014 is MUCH appreciated.

    I have just found a bug and that is when the "Enable Reorder Dialog" option is selected it either crashes or wont respond at all. Once I untick that all seems to work well - not a big problem for me to be honest but thought I would let you know

  • John Young says

    Also now getting the error "adobe CEP HTML engine stopped working"

  • Mark says

    When I launch it in CS5 I get a message that the program has stopped working.
    I am running windows 8

  • John Young says

    I have gone back to using the old photoshop with Tych Panel and it works great again.

    Looks like the new photoshop and Tych Panel don't like each other.

  • Reimund Trost says

    I've fixed a few bugs, please let me know if you are still having issues!

  • John Young says

    Thanks a lot Reimund I wish software companies worked as quick as you do and they charge for their software.

    But.... I am still getting the error "adobe CEP HTML engine stopped working"

  • John Young says

    Just to add that there is only a problem with 2014 version of Photoshop CC the older version still works great with Tych Panel

  • Mikael Bergling says

    Just love it.. tack så mycket! det underlättar mycket för mig.// Micke

  • Mark says

    When I launch it in CS5 I get a message that the program has stopped working.
    I am running windows 8
    Are there issues with using with windows 8?

  • Mark says

    Oh, I see its working now :)

  • Alex says

    Reimund Trost, thanks mate, it now works perfectly with CC2014.

  • John Young says

    Alex - How did you install it ?

    I see there are instructions within the download to use the extension manager (which I used) but in the changelog on here these seems to be different instructions shown below.

    I am still getting the "adobe CEP HTML engine stopped working" when I try to use it in CC 2014

    Installation (CC 2014) - Html5 panel

    Copy Tych Panel CC/dist to the Photshop extensions directory.
    Copy scripts/Tych Panel to /Presets/scripts.
    Enable the panel via Window/Extensions/Tych Panel in Photoshop.

  • John Young says

    This is the error I get when using Tych Panel with CC 2014


  • Reimund Trost says

    John, the instructions on Github are for developers that download the source rather than the packaged zxp file.

    Using Extension Manager is the standard way of installing. What version of windows are you using?

  • John Young says

    Thanks Reimund I did use the extension manager I just saw that info and thought maybe I was doing it wrong as some people seem to get it working OK in CC 2014

    I am using Win 8.1

  • John Young says

    Thanks Reimund I did use the extension manager I just saw that info and thought maybe I was doing it wrong as some people seem to get it working OK in CC 2014

    I am using Win 8.1

    It seems to install OK and its visible and it starts to work OK when I choose a photo it goes through the motions and shows the photo - I then get the pop up error message I posted a link to earlier

  • Adam Lee says

    John, I'm having the same problem you are on Win 8.1.
    I've emailed Reimund a screen shot of what's happening and a full description of the problem.

    I'm starting to think it's only effecting Win 8.1 users.

  • John Young says

    Adam - Thank you I was beginning to think it was just me doing something wrong

    Reimund is working on it I am sure..... he is fast at fixing problems

  • jaket pria says

    awesome, its really helpfull for my work as online marketing, thanks

  • tas ransel wanita says

    big hug for this plugin , you know what? this plugin so awesome , you are rock !

  • Andrea says

    Does this work with PS CS5 Portable? Pls I need heeelp

  • Andrea says

    Does this work with PS CS5 Portable? Pls I need heeelp

  • Michal says

    Hi Rei, first of all many thanks for this awesome product, I'v enjoyed using it for years on my windows pc. However recently I have upgraded to iMac and can't get it work on my CS5 at all. I've tried standard installation and manual one and tych panel is still unresponsive. I can see it on CS5, I can click on options but nothing is happening. Any ideas at all what could be the problem? Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Gouli says

    I was unable to install this incredible script to Photoshop CC 2014, but update the Adobe Extension Manager to the lastest version fix the issue :
    Thanks Reimund, keep up the good work !

  • Stan says

    I'm having an issue with CC 2014 as well...
    Is it possible to make an installer that can automatically place the files in the right folders if it's copied in the main Photoshop directory?

  • John Young says

    Gouli - Nope tried that - still the same error ??

    You using Win 8.1 ?

  • Leo says

    Is there a version 2.3.1 available for download?
    The actual download link directs to version 2.2.2 which has a few bugs I hope have been worked out in a later version.
    For instance, I have two 800x1200px images which never end up the same size. The second one, to the left or to the right, is always smaller, even when maintaining the same height on the options menu.
    The "Resize to fit" option doesn't seem to do anything either.

    Windows 7 / CS6 here.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.


  • Smithg86 says

    This is one awesome blog post. Keep writing. adcdeeedebfadfef

  • John Young says

    Really looking forward to using this again once its fixed for Photoshop CC 2014 and Windows 8.1

  • Drew says

    Just uninstall and install Extension Manager CC again for those who have probs with photoshop cc 2014. The latest update fixes it all :)

  • Drew says

    Just uninstall and install Extension Manager CC again for those who have probs with photoshop cc 2014. The latest update fixes it all :)

  • John says

    Thanks Drew - that might just work, I did update it before but not un-install first.

    Just did it and it still crashed.... BUT closed and opened photoshop again and so far so good

    Its working

    thank you.......

  • John says

    Nope - Spoke to soon. It seemed to work fine on smaller files but when I used the bigger files from the D600 it crashes again.....

    Oh well..... nearly !!!

  • Adam Hollingworth says

    Hi Reimund - I've been using your fabulous plugin for a while but have just tried to access it and my 'Extensions' tab under 'Window' is greyed out / unavailable. I've updated Extensions Manager but it makes no difference. Can you help? I'm using iMac OS X 10.8.5


  • Adam Hollingworth says

    No worries. Uninstalled your plugin and reinstalled and it's magically there. ;)

  • Karin Engman says

    Hi! I don't seem to be able to get Tych panel to function any more. I get the message Adobe CEP HTML Engine har slutat fungera (in swedish - have stopped working I guess it would be in english). I have tried uninstalling and installing again but it doesn't help. Tych panel might put up a row sometime, but then it start malfunctioning again. I guess the problem is in my corner somehow, but what can I do to try to fix it?

  • John says

    Karin Engman - It could be you are using Photoshop CC 2014 and Windows 8.1 like me. I have never got it to work but it does work fine on an older version of photoshop I have

  • Karin Engman says

    True, that's what I'm having. But it dit work in the beginning thougt, hope it will some day again :-)

  • John says

    It has never worked on photoshop CC 2014 with Windows 8.1 with me but like I said it works great and I love using it on older versions of photoshop including Photoshop CC just not the 2014 (latest) version

  • Karin Engman says

    Then I just have to wait until the program versions start to communicate again - in some newer versions maybe?

  • Simon Crofts says

    have been using with cc 2014 on mac for a few days now and its been working beautifully, update photoshop thismorning and now zero functionality.... please help i absolutely love this extension

  • Arturo says



    I am trying to create a photo collage and the options on the ordering site to order it on canvas give me the sizes of 16x20, 14x20 and 16x16 (in inches). How do I build a tych maintaining one of these. Just by maintaining a width or height in pixels?

    By the way, I spent 2 hours last night trying to build my own, much to my frustration. Then today a photographer suggest your tych panel and WOW! I feel like all those 2 hours last night was a waste. This is amazing!!! Thank you for this!!

  • Claude GIROLET says

    it seems that the version 2.3.1 doesn't work anymore in the latest photoshop CC 2014.2 when i'm trying it, the first row is not added on top of the open image (as it was before) but in another document created by tych panel.

    then if you're trying to add another row colum photoshops says that the cep engine has crashed.

    maybe the next version will correct this, this is the very useful plugin that i'm using on a daily basis.

  • Laura says

    I have been using Tychpanel with PS CC for some time now. Just installed CC 2014, and tried to instal Tychpanel using Extension Manager and it does not work. Sometimes it will add the photos, but most times it gives error messages. Any suggestions??

  • Adam Lee says

    Hi guys,

    You can work around the PS CC CEP engine crash by collapsing and re-opening the Tych Panel each time you want to add new images to the collage.

  • sergey yanovskiy says

    i have a problem...
    I use adobe photoshop cc 2014 the latest version and I have a message about the incompatibility of flies tych panel 2 and my version of adobe PS CC 2014

  • Don Eagleton says

    I would have to agree with Ron Green's comment of April 2, 2012. The video is far too fast. It's almost as though you are talking your own way through it rather than using it as an instructional video for someone else to follow. Anyway, will give it a go.

  • david costa says

    Would love to donate but I can't get this to install on either CC or CS6. I tried all methods described above and tried on two different machines. Is there a problem with the new version of PS

  • RD says

    Tych no longer works with PS-CC. I'm not sure why, but it seems to have stopped working after the last major PS update. The script will create a new column, but will crash after the second column is attempted. Here is the error message:

    Error 8800 General Photoshop error. This functionality may not be available in the version of Photoshop.

    -The object " of layer 6'' is not currently available. Line: 358 --> copy_layer_to_document(sec.layers[0],target);

  • Baptiste Dulac says

    Hello and thank you for your job !

    but i have the same problem, impossible to install on the last update of photoshop CC... Hope you will propose a new version soon.


  • Rich Clark says

    I'm just wondering if there is a way to choose the images from within Photoshop? For example I have three images open in PS and I'd like an option to select 'Open Images' a bit like with the options to stack and combine in HDR. Is that possible?

  • Dorigo says

    thanks, its really helpful for me.

  • Amanda says

    Hi there :)
    I have tried over and over to install this onto CS6 Extended but still no option to click on Tych Panel in PS. I have followed all the tutorial more times than I can think of.

    Is there anything I have done wrong? Or is it not compatible with CS6 Ex?

    Many thanks!

  • Christiane DELBECQUE says

    Je vous remercie pour l'action PHOTOSHOP CC du panneau Tych.
    Cela me fait grand plaisir

    Joyeuses Fêtes de NOEL
    bien cordialement
    Viele Grüsse


  • Alexey says

    Thank you for the good program!

  • Michele De Maria says

    Grazie infinite, un plugin veramente utile.
    Ti auguro Buon 2015


  • tas ransel wanita says

    nice post

  • Ashley says

    Yep, agree with poster above, this no longer works with the latest PS CC update! It used to work but now won't create more than 1 line. SO bummed because I love this program!

  • Jeff says

    genius. seems to work fine in CC. a couple questions :

    - if you have a lot of images for a blog post, is it better to make one giant assemblage (like 1500px x 18000) or is it better to output smaller pieces (every row or ever couple rows) for uploading to the blog?

    - if you have a bunch of single image rows, is there a way to add them in bulk versus having to click "bottom" and add each image individually?

  • Andrew KO says

    It dose not work with photoshop cc 2014.2 version. It worked beautifully with cc version. but now it now in not fully functioned. As GIROLET said, I can not add more rows and images.

    I hope that next version will be upgraded.

  • Solley says

    I have same problem as michelle (Nov. 6, 2012). Didnt see any answer, so I'm posting it again.
    CS6, the panel comes up, but when I click any button I get "IO Error: File or Folder does not exist."

  • Silver says

    I can't Download the extension

  • Lisa Adams says

    I have downloaded your extension and am excited to use it, after several recommendations...
    I use Photoshop CC (2014.2, which I have verified on Adobe's website is the most recent) on a MacBook pro....however I am getting an error when I try to load the CC file telling me that the extension can't be installed, that Photoshop 15.0 or greater is required.... please advise how to make this work :)

  • fawaz says

    thank for this nice plugin

  • Faith says

    Love the look of Tych Panel and have installed it successfully (photshop CC2014 on mac) but when I look in Photoshop >Window> Extensions it's not there? How do I get to use it?

  • Vince says

    This is amazing, thanks so much!! Just saved me a tonne of time!

    Ive just donated some $$ to this great extension!! :)

  • John says

    I have tried again to use this on Photoshop CC 2014 and so far its WORKING GREAT !!

    Thanks a lot .....

  • Dave says

    I'm not seeing any options to resize to both width & height at the same time when adding rows or columns, etc. How would I do this? (I want to create collages at specific width/height pixel sizes.) Thx!

  • BTS says

    "Photoshop 15.0 or greater is required" solution is install Adobe Extension Manager CC then TychPanel_CC.zxp :)

  • Tom says

    Installed on CS6.

    I think I'm in for a treat:)

  • ndmtvlc says

    Hi! This tool seem great, but I couldn't install it after several times.

    I tried by using Adobe Extension Manager, and after importing it and restarting, Photoshop couldn't recognize it. Then I've installe it manually as its instructed but its show "IOerror file or folder does not exist", the same problem as Rocky 95 had.

    I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended v13 x64, and I've switched on Additional Plug-ins and made a corect path to Photoshop CS6 - Plug-ins where I've previously copied Tych panel with content folder.

    Is there a solution?

    Massive Thanks

  • Lou says

    I'd be more than happy to donate, if only it worked for Mac.

  • Sara says

    Lou, I've been using it on Mac for ages. It works perfectly.

  • leny Jansen says

    I have him from the start and it was working great. After the version 2 its not working anymore. I have a IMac and PS CS5 and PS is crashing. I tried many times, i yoused extensie manager and manually, i removed every thing and tried many times. No Tych Panel for me. I am 73 years old and wil ask you: can you help me?
    Leny Jansen

  • John Hagar says

    Thank you for this Reimund. I installed this (via extension manager) on Cs5 for Windows 32-bit but when I open the Tych Panle extension in Photoshop, it is just a gray box with nothing in it. Any suggestions? I checked the Plug-in and Script folders and all files seem to be there.

  • John Hagar says

    Sorry: I did not include the following:
    WIN 7 (32 & 64 bit)

    Thank you for this Reimund. Version 1.x worked fine, but am having a few problems with 2.2.

    I installed this (via extension manager) on Cs5 for Windows 32-bit but when I open the Tych Panel extension in Photoshop, it is just a gray box with nothing in it. Any suggestions? I checked the Plug-in and Script folders and all files seem to be there.

  • john hagar says

    Hi Reimund,

    Got it to work - it is great! The options button is not functional. Can you help?

    Thank you; will paypal in a day or so.

  • Mark says

    Hi Reimund. Am keen to try out your awesome app! When I download though, I'm left with a file: How do I open this? Do I need to rename it to a regular zip file?

  • Brian Gregurke says

    Hi Reimund,
    What a great app.!
    I am running WIN 7 64 bit.
    Using Extension Manager the following message appears:
    the extension you are an=bout to install conflicts with the following extensions. Do you want to remove the following extensions and continue installation?

    The extension 'Tych Panel' installed in the product 'Photoshop CC 2014 64'

    [Yes] [No]

    Please advise.

  • Jan says

    It's really been a fantastic tool, Reimund, and was working fine until CC 2015 came along this week. I managed to get all the scripts/files in the right places for Photoshop (2015), and the plugin does show in File > Scripts.

    At first, I was getting javascript errors because of path related errors, but I've since been able to correct a number of those errors by moving things around in the Presets > Scripts folder. The tool now works again from Bridge, as well as from File > Scripts in PS 2015, but I've still got a few minor bugs, e.g., like thumbs aren't being generated properly.

    The extension also function in a like manner via the Filters > Extensions.

    Just figured I'd let you know that (you've got to love Adobe updates).

  • Paulius says

    Amazing plugin guys! Do you know when you will have it available for CC 2015?

  • Mike says

    Tych Panel! Such a great tool. Unfortunately, having some issues with it in CC 2015. Any chance of an update?

  • adam wrobel says

    Exactly :) PS CC 2015 cross my fingers for a quick update :) Good luck :)

  • Kasia says

    I am also waiting for an update. Such an amazing tool!

  • John says

    Thank you for such a great extension...unfortunately, it's now "broken" after updating to Photoshop CC 2105. Is an update or a fix in the works? Any suggestions? Thank you!

  • John Young says

    Reimund will update it when he gets chance but I think he's a busy lad.

    When Photoshop CC 2104 came out it was the same and would not work but he did sort it eventually

    It is a brilliant tool though - maybe Reimund should sell it to Adobe for a few million

  • chris says

    Adobe Extension Manager CC can't install new ver 2.3.3

  • chris says

    Ver2.3.3 can't add 2 image at same time

  • Sebastian says


    So, I've been using the script in CS5 for quite some time but when I tried to install it on Photoshop CC 2014 it just doesn't work. I used the Extension Manager and the installation (2.3.3) went smoothly, but I am unable create any montages. The options box doesn't work, which may have something to do with it.

    Furthermore, I was unable to locate a file called Tych panel.jsx in the folder I downloaded from your site (for the Bridge integration) I did locate such a file in the folder for Bridge CS5 and when I copied that file into the Bridge CC I did see the option when I right-clicked on some images but nothing happens.

    Please, when you have the time... Make this work again :-)



  • sun says

    The options button is not functional.

  • adam wrobel says

    Probably still does not work properly? CC 2015 PS - you can not choose images ...

  • sysco says

    does not work on 2015 CC can not select a file

  • Reimund Trost says

    Tych Panel 2.3.4 has fixes for CC 2015. I saw a crash first time I ran it on my Windows machine, but then I never managed to reproduce it again. If you get a crash, please report it to Adobe.

    Adobe discontinued Extension Manager so now we're stuck with an installer script. I've updated the installation instructions on this page and also the readme.txt.

  • Barb says

    Loved this plug-in, but I downloaded to CC15 and now I get a "permission denied" message when I try to install it.

  • Michael says

    Does the panel work with CC 2015

  • John Young says

    No I just tried it in Photoshop 2015 and it seemed to install but as soon as I added photos it crashed

  • John Young says

    I have just been messing around and if you use the Tych Panel from the file menu

    - < Scrips> - then choose your option - Tych Panel new top row etc it seems to work OK

    But if I use the normal shortcut it crashes

  • Mike says

    I'm seeing this behavior as well - running Tych from "scripts" in CC 2015 works just fine. Using the panel tends to crash CC (and always leads for a crash if selection "options" from the extension panel).

  • Reimund Trost says

    Please report crashes to Adobe.

    Barb, try running Photoshop with administrator rights.

  • John Young says

    Hey Reimund - please don't take anything we say on here as ANY kind of criticism. You have created an excellent add-on for photoshop that is invaluable to my work and many others and we thank you for it and appreciate all your hard FREE work you do for us.

    I still think you should approach adobe and make some millions out of it

  • Sarah says

    Reimund - I'm just stopping by to say thank you! I've been using this beauty for years and it's helped me with literally countless projects... so THANK YOU! :)

  • Ricardo León says

    Excellent idea and realization. I cannot imagine how to perform that tasks without a lot of time spent on it. What about the ScriptUI api fix? It is very annoying not to be able to reorder the selected pic to panel. I run PS 2015 and Bridge (Licenced). I will be happy if I hear good news about this issue!
    Best regards...

  • Ricardo León says

    Hi! Even when I installed Tych Panel in both iMac and MacBook Pro (Yosemite 10.10) exactly the same way and running Photoshop CC 2015 (Licenced) and the corresponding Bridge CC Version, I just cannot make it work from Bridge in the MacBook Pro. I can make it work from within Photoshop as a script, but if I choose photographs in Bridge and then try to form a new row, it launches Photoshop but the pics and the row never appears. I reinstalled Bridge, uninstalled and reinstalled Tych Panel: same thing. Any idea will be welcome!

  • Reimund Trost says

    I will take a look at the Bridge issue when I have time.

    As for the CC 2015 crashes, please upvote this issue

    In the meantime, looks like running any of scripts from File > Scripts work. And once you have run it once, the panel buttons work as expected, until you restart Photoshop.

  • Tasha says

    Photoshop CC 2015 Issue, just followed your trouble shooting method above to activate Tych Panel again, but when I use the Tych Panel as an extension i get an error message "Thumbnail could not be created. Annoyed by this? Tell Adobe to fix their ScriptUI api to work with hi-res pictures" Anyway to fix the error message and allow my thumbnails to show when using Tych Panel as an extension?

  • Shannon says

    Hi! I am very excited to use this awesome plugin! I am having trouble however, when I click "bottom" it brings up my documents to choose from. When I try to click Desktop to choose images from there, the entire panel disappears from my photoshop screen. Has anyone seen this before? What am I missing? Thank you so much!

  • Paul says

    Amazing, brilliant, perfect! After searching for so long, this tool does exactly what I need it to do. Keep up the great work, you are a master!

  • tim says

    Hi Reimund,
    I'm really hoping you can fix the Bridge CC issue (it opens photoshop but nothing happens, as Ricardo says) ! Because that was super efficient to use from Bridge, and now since I upgraded from CC 2014 to 2015 and this doesn't work anymore, i'm 10x slower to make tychs :(

    Interestingly, it appears IMPOSSIBLE to remove the options from Bridge. Perhaps that's why something is going wrong: even after running the uninstall script you made, plus then manually checking inside the Bridge .app and removing anything that looks like Tych panel, plus then going to Application Support and nuking everything that looks like Tych panel, and restarting adobe.... bridge still has the tych panel options on right-click of a photo! So maybe that is part of the problem.

    I'm on Yosemite / Mac btw.

  • tim says

    ... for people struggling with Bridge integration not working, here is a workaround I discovered: enable it by going to Photoshop, tych panel, options, Misc - set the option "Use selected images in Adobe bridge" to checked.

    Now, when you select images in bridge, photoshop will open and nothing will happen, BUT if you then hit a button on the tych panel, your selection is used!

    Reimund you are the best, ever.

  • yasmin says

    great product!! but is anyone having a problem with photos turning pixelated once it resizes them?? it's resizing them smaller but pixelating them as if I stretched them. and I am converting from RAW also. this isn't working from me.

    any suggestions?

  • Thilo says

    Hi Reimund,

    I just wanted to install Tych Panel with PS CC 2014 but am receiving this error note:

    Run Photoshop as administrator and run this script again.

    File: ~/Downloads/tychpanel/CC 2014/installer.jsx
    Line: 165
    Error Name: Error
    Error Number: 9002

    I am logged in as admin (my normal user account is set up as an admin). So, what am I doing wrong, any suggestions?

  • Thilo says

    Hi Reimund,

    I just wanted to install Tych Panel with PS CC 2014 but am receiving this error note:

    Run Photoshop as administrator and run this script again.

    File: ~/Downloads/tychpanel/CC 2014/installer.jsx
    Line: 165
    Error Name: Error
    Error Number: 9002

    I am logged in as admin (my normal user account is set up as an admin). So, what am I doing wrong, any suggestions?

  • Tom says

    Hi Remind, I am trying to install this on CS6, the panel works but I can't use the options. When I click on the options icon it says "Error: Invalid Image Data". I have installed it as per instructions 3 or 4 times now. Any suggestions?

  • Tom says

    Sorry Reimund, just noticed I spelt your name wrong, it was on auto-correct!

  • Tom says

    Sorry Reimund, just noticed I spelt your name wrong, it was on auto-correct!

  • Felicia says

    hey there, i´ve tried alot of time to donload this to my photoshop, bur it dosn't work a et code -180? What do i do wrong? pls hellp me! /Felicia

  • Adam Lee says

    Today's update to Photoshop CC has fixed the problem when using the buttons menu. It's all working fine.

    The only remaining problem is the re-order image preview.

  • Thilo says

    Hi Reimund,

    I am still having the installation issue with Photoshop asking for being run as administrator in CC2014 - but it's not a Windows machine. I have this request on OSX. The error message remains the same as a couple of posts above.

    Any suggestions?

  • Kossy says

    Very innovative tool, a lot of people uses tych panel nowadays to send posts on social media as well. It makes blogging much easier for me . Thanks a lot for giving it for free.

  • John Young Photography says

    Unfortunately it still crashed for me - I can get so far with it using the panel then on the second set of images photoshop crashes and I am using the latest photoshop.

    The File - Scrip menu option still works though.

    Speaking of which I seem to have two copies of Tych Panel in my script menu - anyone know how to remove one or all and re-install just one again ?

  • haylebob says


    is a how to guide for noobs available? i have no
    idea how to change the layout to my meeds...


  • Dalton Clements says

    Great product! Will be trying this out!

  • Rumblefish says

    I am having trouble getting this to work on cc2015 on windows 7. i used previous versions of PS and tych panel worked fine.

    any suggestions. i followed the method were a copied the assets folder and installer.jsx file into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS3\Presets\Scripts

    if that is not correct please adivse.

  • Deswizard says

    I think the download link might be broken. I have tried unsuccessfully to procure the download several times to no avail.

  • JMtB says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful script for the "math-handicapped" like myself. A donation was the least I could do.
    I've been wondering whether your software does actually create what are called "masonry" layouts that you see more and more on websites? There seem to be very different interpretations as to what this term means....

  • Franklin Valerio says

    How can I tell what version of Tych Panel I'm using. I tried the "About" dialog button under options and there was nothing there on the version #.

    Thank You

  • Cem says

    Photoshop CC 2015
    When I click the OPTIONS, Photoshop CC 2015 is closing...

  • lee says

    How can I keep the hole document within a special width and height?

  • Ray says

    You should totally charge for this plugin. I was literally about to ask some engineers at work to bust this out for me really quick and I found this. I would of charged .99 cents for this one. Take off that donate button and replace it with $.99 lol!

    Ray Rivera Sr. Interaction Designer

  • Adam Wróbel says

    "Document could not be saved.
    The specified outputdirectory does not exist. Please choose another directory." I do not know what to do ?

  • Walter says

    Hello, after Installation of your Panel I can find it in photoshop 2015. But when I want to work with it, nothing happend. There is no reaction of any button. I hope you can help me, because your Panel would solve some of my Problems.
    Best wishes

  • Lauren says

    Hi there,
    I have downloaded and installed, and can view the extension in Photoshop. When I select any of the buttons (top, bottom, left, right) I get the following Script alert: ReferenceError: Image is undefined. HELP! I have used this software successfully in the past, but not since I got a new computer. Thanks!

  • Lauren says

    Hi there,
    I have downloaded and installed, and can view the extension in Photoshop. When I select any of the buttons (top, bottom, left, right) I get the following Script alert: ReferenceError: Image is undefined. HELP! I have used this software successfully in the past, but not since I got a new computer. Thanks!

  • Rob says


    Thank you very much for the product. I was successfully using it until I upgraded to CC 2015 and the "OPTIONS" button stopped responding. I've tried uninstalling and installing Tych Panel again as well as updating Photoshop CC. I see that there are similar comments made above about this bug. Is there been a work-around?

    Thank you very much

  • lubo says

    I was successfully using it until I upgraded to CC 2015 and the "OPTIONS" button stopped responding too :(

  • Felicia Johansson says


    Jag har CC 2015 PS och får de verkligen inte att funka.. när jag laddar ner de så får jag de automatisk att jag skall installera de direkt i PS. då klickar jag på det, sen står de att man skall starta om.. vilket jag gör.. de finns ingen tych panel under fönster tillägg...

    Då testar jag att extrahera hela mappen för alla olika PS
    Trycker sen på installer.jsx PS för CC 2015 o då säger den att de funkar och att jag skall starta om vilket jag gör.. o där finns tillägget men jag kan trycka på vilekn knapp som helst men inget funkar!
    Händer liksom inget..

    Dock under skrips options tysh panel kan ja komma åt options men inget mer..

    Vad gör jag för fel!? Nu har jag försökt med detta i snart ett år! Åh alla säger att programmet är grymt, men får ju aldrig möjlighet att testa! :/

  • barang unik china says

    nice post...keep sharing :)

  • Markus says

    I was so glad with Tych Panel until I upgraded to CC 2015. Now the "OPTIONS" button stopped responding. :-(

  • Markus says

    I am so happy! It works on CC 2015 again. I forgot first to remove the old CC Version with 'Adobe Extension Manager CC' and then to reinstall the CC 2015 Version via File > Scripts > Browse... (CC 2015 > installer.jsx).

    Thank you so much! Tych Panel saves me a lot of time! :-D

  • guy says

    good thing this is free! I have done all of the troubleshooting tips, read the read me and was more confused than ever and I can get around a computer pretty well.
    running win 8.1 pscc 2015.1.2. tried running as admin (which I should be anyway)
    tells me I need version 12

  • barang unik china says

    Hi Reimund,

    I am still having the installation issue with Photoshop asking for being run as administrator in CC2014 - but it's not a Windows machine. I have this request on OSX. The error message remains the same as a couple of posts above.

  • Thomas says

    Hi reimund!

    I have a recurring problem which is mentioned by at least one previous poster. I have been trying to resolve this for over an hour. I am placing two identical square images side by side and want a uniform border around them both - however no matter how I try, the app inserts an extra lower border below the original half of the image. For clarification, there is a 20 pt border around the entire image, but a 40 point lower border under one of the two component images. I have tried to rearrange, resize, restart, everything. This problem continues. Any suggestions?

  • Brian Shaw says

    Excellent Product! Don't forget to donate.

  • Bruce says

    This is very nice. I really wanted a collage maker where photos are randomly placed on with some small rotation randomly also done.

  • John says

    Wont work on newest Photoshop :(

    Undefined is not an object

    Line: 284
    Error name: Typerror
    Error Number: 21

  • John says

    Also why does my anti-virus software (Avast) keep trying to stop me from opening this page with warnings or scripts etc ???

  • mark hadden says

    also find that wont work on newest photoshop

  • John Young says

    Yeah photoshop always breaks good stuff when it does an update. No doubt Reimund will have an update when he gets chance... :)

    Trouble is Tych Panel is so good I come to rely on it :(

  • John Young says

    OK I got it working by following carefully the instructions at the bottom of the page below

    You then run it from FILE > SCRIPT


  • John Young says

    Reimund you are an absolute star - I emailed Reimund to say the new photoshop had broken his superb filter and shortly after he emailed me and we swapped emails to get the problem sorted.

    Reimund has fixed it again and now Tych Panel is loading and working as it should

    THANK YOU Reimund - Very much appreciated

  • Peter Cohn says

    Thanks for your work. Highly appreciated!


  • jennifer says

    super excited about this! I have struggled to find an easy way to make collages. You have made it so easy! So I strung together 5 columns of photos and then saved and it was really long and skinny. I watched video and chose 900 and maintain width. Any ideas for me?

  • Rob Cleary says

    Hi Reimund,

    I have PS CC 2015.5 and when trying to install got an "installation failed" error. It said:

    "Unable to create folder / Applications / Adobe%20Panel (I/) error) Please create it manually and run this script again.
    File: ~/Documents?photoshop/tychpanel (4)/CC 2015.5/installer.jsx
    Error Name: Error
    Error Number: 9002 [installer.jsx]
    anonymous ([Error:Error: Unable to create folder / Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CC%20202015.5/Presets/Scripts/Tych%20Panel (I/O error)\nPlease creates it manually and run this script again.])

    Please contact, thank you."

    I consequently manually created a folder for Tych Panel in the Scripts folder and successfully installed the script. However, the Option button does not work, and I wanted to ask you if you had a solution?

    Thank you!

  • Sem Brys says

    Hey, I have a slight problem:

    I'm using your script to create overviews for loads of files (sometimes a column of 20+ pictures) and when I get the sorting menu, it only shows a few of the images and I can't click the OK button. I did find a workaround trick, if the sorting arrows are visible I can click those, and then press enter to confirm, but sometimes it doesn't even show the sorting arrows.

    Here's an example:

    Other than that, really great script.

  • claire says

    Hi Reimund,

    I have the same problem here ...
    PS CC 2015.5 and when trying to install got an "installation failed" error. It said:

    "Unable to create folder / Applications / Adobe%20Panel (I/) error) Please create it manually and run this script again.
    File: ~/Documents?photoshop/tychpanel (4)/CC 2015.5/installer.jsx
    Error Name: Error
    Error Number: 9002 [installer.jsx]
    anonymous ([Error:Error: Unable to create folder / Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CC%20202015.5/Presets/Scripts/Tych%20Panel (I/O error)\nPlease creates it manually and run this script again.])

    Please contact, thank you."

    please advice ?

  • Micah says

    Hi there,
    I'm trying to install Tych Panel with PS CC 2015.5 as well on OSX 10.11.15, and had the same problem as the previous user. Any suggestions?

    Installation failed: Message: Unable to create folder /Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CC%202015.5/Presets/Scripts/Tych%20Panel (I/O error)
    Please create it manually and run this script again.
    File: ~/Dropbox (Personal)/Software/presets/Photoshop/Extensions/tychpanel/CC 2015.5/installer.jsx
    Line: 117
    Error Name: Error
    Error Number: 9002 [installer.jsx]
    anonymous([Error:Error: Unable to create folder /Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CC%202015.5/Presets/Scripts/Tych%20Panel (I/O error)\nPlease create it manually and run this script again.])

    Please contact, thank you.

  • Micah says

    Hi there,
    I'm trying to install Tych Panel with PS CC 2015.5 as well on OSX 10.11.15, and had the same problem as the previous user. Any suggestions?

    Installation failed: Message: Unable to create folder /Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CC%202015.5/Presets/Scripts/Tych%20Panel (I/O error)
    Please create it manually and run this script again.
    File: ~/Dropbox (Personal)/Software/presets/Photoshop/Extensions/tychpanel/CC 2015.5/installer.jsx
    Line: 117
    Error Name: Error
    Error Number: 9002 [installer.jsx]
    anonymous([Error:Error: Unable to create folder /Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CC%202015.5/Presets/Scripts/Tych%20Panel (I/O error)\nPlease create it manually and run this script again.])

    Please contact, thank you.

  • Micah says


    Sorry for previous double post. My installation problems were fixed when I went into the photoshop presets folder in finder, right clicked on the scripts folder, "get info," and changed permissions so all the listed users had "Read & Write" access and "apply to enclosed items" from the dropdown menu near the bottom of the screen.

  • Leroy says

    Having some issues.
    This is the error I keeps showing up when I try to use the tych panel in Photoshop CC:
    Error 509: Invalid image data
    Line: 26
    -> image = item_container.add('Image', [0, 0, 256, 256], placeholder);

    Any advice?

  • mike says

    thx micah - some problem solved it like you did

  • Vitaly Polyansky says

    Reimund, you a GOD OF AUTOMATION! Thanks a lot for your awesome work.

  • Rich says

    Such a shame but it doesn't work for me on Windows 10 Photoshop 2015.5. The installer Script returns errors and attempts to install it Manually achieve nothing. It was a very useful plug-in. :(

  • David says

    Thx for this so amazing plugin that really saves a lot of time for either presentation for any other things that can be imagined.

  • daniela says

    Unfortunately it doesn't work in ps cc 2015.5. Is this compatible with mac? May you help me to resolve?
    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Joanna says

    Unfortunately it doesn't work in PS CC2017 and I really miss it!!! it was working for the older version but not for the latest Hope someone can solve the problem as soon as possible !!!!!!

  • Reimund Trost says

    There was a bug in the installation script that broke installation on CC 2017. It's now fixed and a new version is up on the site.


  • John says

    Thank you Reimund for the quick fix and it does install now OK but it does not show the panel with Window / Extensions / Tych Panel in .... its not listed there

    But still usable from the File>Script menu and works fin - thanks

  • John says

    Actually the new version does work - I was using an installer that Reimund has sent me but with the older files but once I used the complete new version from this website it works great - thank you Reimund for all your hard work.

    (Tip: When you install on windows CC 2017 use the CC 2015.5 folder version from the unzipped file)

  • Alberto says

    First of all thanks for the plugin.

    It works ok from the File>Script menu, but using the Extension Panel it crashes every time you try to select or browse a photo to add it. You click on one of the add row/column buttons and a finder windows appear, anywhere you click it makes the window close without selection anything.

    Any solution? Thanks in advance.

  • Joanna says

    Hi all,
    Still doesn't work on my Mac Pro ??!!! any tips??
    file>scripts>browse>CS5-CC and show tychpanel_cs.zxp but I can't press it :(
    Please Help !!!!!!

  • Ernie says

    I CAN find- \AppData\Roaming\Bridge2017\, however there isn't a \startup\scripts file or folder anywhere. I even unhid the files to no avail. Also I don't know what a "~" means.

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