Save Panel

for Photoshop CC 2014/CC/CS6/CS5


Save Panel is a Photoshop plugin that optimizes file saving.

With Save Panel, you can configure buttons that saves documents with your favorite settings.


  • Destination folder (absolute or relative)

  • Image dimensions

  • File type(s)

  • Filename

  • Image look (using one or more Photoshop actions)

Easier sharing

Use Save Panel together with Dropbox to effectively share images with other people from within Photoshop.

Just configure a button that saves to a shared Dropbox folder. There is no limitation on how many buttons you can create so it's possible to create one button for "Lisa" and one for "John", for example.

Save Panel

Current version: 1.0.4
Updated: 2013-12-04

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Download info

Save Panel is sold under Name your own price.

To get Save Panel for free, set the price to zero.

However, I appreciate if you want to pay for my efforts. Just enter what you think is reasonable.

Don't miss my other (free) Photoshop plugin called Tych Panel.

Watch the Save Panel demo to see it in action!

There is also a video on how I use Save Panel

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Install with Adobe Extension Manager

  1. Unzip
  2. Open savepanel.zxp in Adobe Extension Manager.
  3. Enable in Photoshop via Window > Extensions > Save Panel

Note: On some machines, you might have to run Adobe Extension Manager with administrator rights.


Save presets are created in the options dialog.

Each preset will be represented with a button in the panel.

Save Panel Options

The preset in this example will create a button with the label "Lisa". Pressing that button will resize the current document to fit 1280 x 1280 (pixels) and save it into /Users/john/Dropbox/Lisa/Pictures.


If you are having problems installing with Extension Manager you might have to start Extension Manager with administrator rights.

To do so, follow these steps.

On Windows

  1. Right click the Adobe Extension Manager executable.
  2. Run as administrator.

On Mac OSX

  1. Start a terminal window.

  2. Run the following command (change CS5 to your Photoshop version):

    sudo "/Applications/Adobe Extension Manager CS5/Adobe Extension Manager Extension Manager CS5"

Manual installation

If Adobe Extension Manager gives you problems, you can always install manually by copying the files to the correct locations.

Photoshop CC 2014 & CC

Extensions in Photoshop CC 2014 should be installed with Adobe Extension Manager.

Photoshop CS6 & CC

  1. Rename CS CC/savepanel-1.0.4.zxp to Uncompress.
  2. Copy the Save Panel folder (in panels/cs6) to <Photoshop>/Plug-ins/Panels.

  3. Run Photoshop & show the panel by going to Window > Extensions > Save Panel

Photoshop CS5

The steps are similar for CS5, but you need a few extra steps:

  1. Rename CS CC/savepanel-1.0.4.zxp to Uncompress.
  2. Copy the Save Panel folder (in panels/cs5) to <Photoshop>/Plug-ins/Panels.

  3. Copy the Save Panel folder (in scripts) to <Photoshop CS5>/Presets/Scripts.

  4. (Windows only: Start Photoshop as administrator.)

  5. Run the Save Panel CS5 Fix script from File > Scripts > Save Panel CS5 Fix

  6. Restart Photoshop and show the panel by going to Window > Extensions > Save Panel

About the author

I am a Swedish wedding photographer working at Lumens Bröllopsfotografi.

Besides taking pictures, I enjoy Computer science and creating tools for you :)

For the latest updates, please follow me on Twitter or sign up on the email list. If you need to contact me, please drop me an email.


Tomasz saysDec. 4, 2013

I have a problem when I click on the "Options" button

andrei saysDec. 4, 2013

I've got the same problem as Tomasz,
It's telling me that options.js does not exist, even though the file is in the right path.

I'm running CS6 64bit as administrator and I also ran the extension manager as admin.

Any idea how to fix this error?


Reimund Trost saysDec. 4, 2013

Tomasz and Andrei,

This should be fixed in 1.0.3. For some reason paths beginning with file:// did not successfully resolve on some machines.

Happy saving!

R.D. saysDec. 25, 2013

Hey guys. Did anyone figure the problem you had? Using 1.0.4 and dealing with the same issue here..

andrei saysJan. 28, 2014

Reimund told me to try and replace line 34 in app-cs6-cc.js with this:

script = _Adobe.assetsPath.replace('file:///', '') + '/static/js/ps/options.js';

and it worked.

Wolfgang saysFeb. 5, 2014

Great tool. Thank you.
A suggestion for some additional functions:
Similar to the Lightroom export window build in a post processing function.
- Do Nothing
- Show in Explorer
- Open in other application ...
- Reopen in Photoshop (new document)
- ...

Toby saysFeb. 10, 2014

I tried to pay for the extension but the payment window didn't work. My card details were definitely correct so you may want to check this!

joe saysFeb. 10, 2014

Does anyone know if there is anything like this for Illustrator? I have 2 computers, 1 with Illustrator CC and one with Illustrator CS6. I'm always saving down and have to do go with the "save as" options every time. Looking for a Saving preset I can setup like this where I can just click a saved "save" button ....

Okrim saysFeb. 11, 2014

please add paypal as a payment choice for your own sake :-)

B saysFeb. 11, 2014

Is there any chance you can add functionality to save tiffs with this tool? Thanks.

Dayle Martin saysFeb. 12, 2014

Looking forward to trying before donating.

mark saysFeb. 24, 2014

Installed in Ps CC but clicking OPTION button I got this error:
File does not exist: Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CC/Plug-ins/Panels/Save%20Panel/content/Save%20Panel.assets/static/js/ps/options.js

Any idea?
thanks :)

Drew saysJune 13, 2014

ROFL I love that message! You should add some survey payment options like pay to win games have so broke as hell people like me can still support your project. I've earned a few thousand dollars worth of game currency though them. :P If you ever set them up just email me and I'll drop by and do a few to show my support. :)

Sponsor Pay
Super Rewards
Peanut Labs

Just to name a few.

Alessandro saysJuly 11, 2014

Hey Dude, great plugin.
The only thing... it's not working with Photoshop 2014.

Are you planning to support the new version?

jorge saysAug. 21, 2014

hello PS cs6 give this error

General Photoshop error occurred. This functionality may not be available in this version of Photoshop.
- <no additional information available>

Jordi S saysSept. 23, 2014

Nice plugin!

I have a doubt. Can I save a copy on the same root of the original file without write an absolut path or create a new folder?

Stephan saysSept. 27, 2014

Hi Nice plugin and i really wanted to test it. But there was your paiement system didin't want my credit card that's why i couldn't give you a 5€. Next time ? :-)

Stephan saysSept. 27, 2014

Finally said there was an error on paiement but took it anywhere :-)

nicola saysNov. 20, 2014

i've installed with extention manager and in manual mode,
but with photoshop cc 2014 don't function, in windows>extensions there isn't save panel button.

Sarah saysNov. 21, 2014

Awesome Photoshop Extension. It is featured in our round-up of free adobephotoshop extensions for designers: Have a look:

Gabor saysNov. 21, 2014

Photoshop CC 2014

I installed with extention manager, but did not find here in windows>extensions.

Aliven saysJan. 13, 2015

I installed with extention manager, but did not find here in windows>extensions.

Steve saysJan. 16, 2015

Trying to install into CC 2014 but no luck, either with Extension Manager or manually. Any ideas?

Reimund Trost saysJan. 17, 2015

I've released a new version that uses a html5 panel instead of the old Configurator based panel as Adobe removed compatibility for that in CC 2014.

It should now work on CC 2014.

tom saysFeb. 16, 2015

Same problem here, after installation, extension does not show up in windows->extensions

Ivan saysFeb. 27, 2015

when Click the button to save the file it shows "Internal error [null] "

How I can fix this?

Mike saysMarch 30, 2015

Many perfectly in CC 2014.

Valentin saysApril 3, 2015

Hy and thank you very much fot this script. Is any change to add .tif format with parameters in the save options of the panel ? Please consider i can pay for this option.

Andres Ramirez saysMay 1, 2015


I'm here to ask for a tif option as well. Without it, this great plugin won't be useful. As a photographer, I send jpg's for web use, and tifs as the full-res final file format.

Aditi saysMay 1, 2015


I'm still not being able to get it to work on Adobe CC 2014.
Could you please help me out with this. Am I missing something?
I tried everything above and still get this:
General Photoshop error occurred. This functionality may not be available in this version of Photoshop.
Internal error [null]
Thank you! :)

Reimund Trost saysAug. 6, 2015

There is now an updated package for CC 2014 and CC 2015.

Note: Do not install it with Extension Manager for CC 2014 and beyond as Extension Manager is now deprecated. Use the installer script instead (see readme.txt).

Ruben saysOct. 6, 2015


After running the script, and getting the message which is displayed, saying the plugin was installed successfully, it still does not show in the extension window.

Tried everything for CC 2015.

Bob saysOct. 14, 2015

I get the same error like Ivan. ("Internal error [null] ") when trying to save.
Win7 64bit, CS6 64bit.
Is there a way to fix this?

LIzhao saysNov. 15, 2015

It does not work in PSCC2015 64bit
When I press Option,photoshop Will stop running.
How to solve

Yannis saysDec. 18, 2015


Same question as Jordy S, which was not answered :

When saving the file, is there a way to save the image in the same place as the psd file? The (amazing) plugin handle relative directory, but I don't find a way to save in the same root without creating a new folder.


Ludwig saysFeb. 17, 2016


Installation worked fine, but after I opened it in PS and saved a few presets I can't close the panel by clicking "OK" or "Cancel". Any idea?

Great tool anyways, thanks!

Evgeniy saysApril 13, 2016

Hi, i buy your plugin but get error 21 on install. What to do?

Kris saysMay 6, 2016

Is it possible to save as PDF?

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