Introducing Tych Panel 2

Tych Panel 2

About one year ago, I released Tych Panel, a tool that lets photographers automate the creation of diptychs, triptychs and other similiar layouts.

Being used by over 6 000 photographers around the world, it is safe to say that Tych Panel has been a great success. It was featured on sites like Smashing Magazine, Fotosidan, Moderskeppet, Kamera & Bild and Feber to name a few.

Today, I am announcing the release of Tych Panel 2, the latest rendition of the diptych creation tool. The new version features a wide range of improvements, making the everyday life of the photographer even easier.

The short list of improvements is as follows:

  • Row / column compositing paradigm.
  • Reorder images with thumbnails.
  • Resize to both target width & height.
  • Maintain width or height when adding pictures.
  • Smart objects & Layer masks.
  • Adobe Bridge integration.
  • Background color, outer border & rounded corners.
  • Actions.
  • New output options.

I don't know how much time I've spent working on this update, but it's been a lot. And I'd like to thank a few people who've helped me along the way, and really, for making Tych Panel 2 what it is today.

So here we go.

Big shout-outs to John Nack from Adobe, Petra Hall, Christiane Rosenberger from Smashing Magazine, Sanna Lund from Moderskeppet, the people of Faded & Blurred. And to my girlfriend Stina, for being so patient with me.

Check out Tych Panel 2 here.

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  • Stina 28 mars 2012

    <3 du är duktig älskling.


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